Get Involved

October 1 to October 15

  • Get your UNC club, organization, residence hall, school, college, team, office or program registered! Challenge another group! Registration deadline is October 1. Registration forms are available by clicking on the link to the left or by e-mailing the pertinent information required on the form to; we will verify your registration by an electronic message with a flyer attached for printing. Begin collecting cash and cans from your group! Ideas for collecting are available under the links at the left: “Organize a Food Drive” and “Challenge Suggestions.”
  • Every dollar collected = six pounds of food for final competition calculations.


  • 1 pound = 1 point
  • We are part of Homecoming’s Competition point system! 
  • Every pound of food you collect awards you one point towards the Homecoming competition (ex. 25 1bs =25 points)

Cans That Matter! Show us Your Cash and Cans!