Challenge Suggestions

TrophyParticipating in “Cans to Candelaria” not only helps the hungry but also spotlights your club, organization, department, school or college.

Challenging your peers and other clubs, organizations, departments, schools or colleges adds to the fun of the food drive. Any group can challenge any other group participating in the drive. In order to challenge, both teams must register using the agreement form. Each team can designate a specific consequence or prize for the winning/losing team. Both teams need to be in agreement about the challenge and its consequence or prize. Examples:

  • Resident halls challenge each other to collect the most cans. Challenges can be floor against floor or building against building.
  • Members within clubs can challenge one another, too. For instance, have a “canned soup” collection at the regular meeting, and the member bringing in the most cans gets a prize.
  • Faculty members in a UNC department, school or college, can organize a group of colleagues to challenge another department, school or college.
  • Challenge a local business to match what you collect.