Workers infront of canned goods.


Our 2013 food drive was a success! We collected over 55,000 pounds of food through cash and can donations. We also initiated our first ever Cans to Candelaria 5K this past year. We hope to continue to host this event to raise even more money for the food bank. For more information on our race, please visit the 5K tab.

The 2014 food drive will be held on October 2. Anyone can help in the fight against hunger by donating cash or cans to the drive. Cash donations allow the food bank to have a bigger buying capacity, and help to pay for gas and drivers who bring donated food to Weld Food Bank from all over the country. For the competition, each dollar raised during the drive is converted to an equivalence of six pounds of food toward the total raised.

If you are interested in making a team, donating cash or cans, or becoming a sponsor, feel free to look through our website for more information.

Our 2014 goals are:

  • To collect more than 55,000 pounds of food for Weld Food Bank
  • To raise awareness about the drive and its benefits to Weld Food Bank.
  • To increase both UNC and community involvement

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