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Our 2012 food drive was a success! We collected almost 30,000 pounds of food via cash and can donations throughout September with the majority being collected on the day of the food drive, October 4. Sociology took first place, the UNC Radio team took second, and University Libraries came in third.

This school year’s food drive collection is scheduled for September 26, 2013, and is part of Homecoming Week. We support the Weld Food Bank with not only non-perishable food items but with cash, too. Danielle Bock, WFB food procurement specialist, said canned food is always appreciated, but in these economic times, cash goes further. Cash donations allow the food bank to have a bigger buying capacity—and help pay for the gas and drivers, who bring donated food to WFB from all over the country. UNC groups competing in the food drive competition will earn 6 pounds of credit for each $1 contributed. Homecoming spirit points are also available to those participating in the food drive.

One of our sponsors, UNC Radio, help us get the word out and will be on campus from 9 am to 2 pm on September 26. We also encourage the community to support our campus food drive. Information on this site provides information on how you can participate. Thanks for your consideration!

Our mission is to help feed the hungry in Weld County...

We will accomplish this by:

  • Heightening individual and community awareness about hunger
  • Creating community involvement (UNC’s students, faculty and staff as well as local businesses) through an organized and accessible food drive—“Cans to Candelaria"

Our 2013 goals are the following:

  • To collect more than 50,000 pounds of food (via non-perishable food and cash donations) for Weld Food Bank
  • To raise awareness about the drive and its benefits to Weld Food Bank
  • To increase both UNC and community involvement

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