Student Employment

Student Employment

The Student Staff and Leadership program includes training and supervising both undergraduate students (150+) and graduate supervisors in facility and game management, teaching and educational sessions, program execution and evaluation, and risk management administration.


Application Process:

Students are welcome to fill out an application either online or at the Entry Desk. Students are encouraged to select as many positions as they are interested.


APPLICATION (word document)

Online applications are submitted to Edie Dolben, who then redirects the application to the appropriate supervisor.

The Application (word document) can be submitted in-person at the Entry Desk or you may attach it to an email addressed to

For general questions about student-employment at the Campus Recreation Center, contact Brent Wegscheider.


Some positions, such as Intramural Sports Officials, are seasonal. These positions are hired a couple weeks before the season.

Trainings vary based on position, requirements, and responsibilities.

Mailing Address for Applications:

University of Northern Colorado
Campus Recreation, ATTN: Edie Dolben
501 20th Street
Campus Box 62
Greeley, CO 80639

Work-Study Information:

Work study is a need-based aid program that allows you to work and earn money to apply to educational expenses. To be eligible, you first must submit the FAFSA and meet the March 1 preferential filing date each year. To be eligible as an undergraduate, you must enroll for at least 12 credit hours. Graduate students must enroll as full-time students taking 9 semester hours.

Work Study and Student Hourly are treated equally by Campus Recreation. However, Work Study does provide the department assistance due to our extensive student-employment body. Therefore, Campus Recreation recommends that all applicants inquire about their Work Study status prior to applying for a position.

For more information regarding Work Study, please visit the Student-Employment Office.


Student-Employment Office

Financial Aid Office (work-study information)

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