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Student Employment

Student Employment

The Student Staff and Leadership program includes training and supervising both undergraduate students (150+) and graduate supervisors in facility and game management, teaching and educational sessions, program execution and evaluation, and risk management administration.

To view current openings please visit Bears Career Connection:

For general questions about student-employment at the Campus Recreation Center, contact Brent Wegscheider.


Work-Study Information:

Work study is a need-based aid program that allows you to work and earn money to apply to educational expenses. To be eligible, you first must submit the FAFSA and meet the March 1 preferential filing date each year. To be eligible as an undergraduate, you must enroll for at least 12 credit hours. Graduate students must enroll as full-time students taking 9 semester hours.

Work Study and Student Hourly are treated equally by Campus Recreation. However, Work Study does provide the department assistance due to our extensive student-employment body. Therefore, Campus Recreation recommends that all applicants inquire about their Work Study status prior to applying for a position.

For more information regarding Work Study, please visit the Student-Employment Office.


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