Campus Rec Information

ProShop: Locker & Towel Services


The ProShop is located at the Entry Desk (351-2062).

Day Use Lockers: FREE!

Campus Recreation Center has new "Digi-Lock" Day Use Lockers available outside of the Gyms and in the 1st Floor Cardio Area. These lockers are FREE to use, but are for DAY USE ONLY. These lockers are cleared out every night.

DigiLock Locker Instructions and Policies

You can also use any availalble untagged lockers in the Locker Rooms with your own padlock. Again, these lockers are for DAY USE ONLY and are cleared out every night.lockers

Semester & Academic Year Locker RENTAL:

You may RENT a locker in the Locker Rooms for either the Semester or for the Year. These lockers come in 2 sizes: Half and Quarter. Once purchased, the lockers are tagged and will be for private use the rest of your rental term. Your Locker Rental also includes a Shower Towel.

Locker Rental Pricing:

  • Half-Size Semester Rental = $25.00
  • Half-Size Academic Year Rental = $45.00
  • Quarter-Size Semester Rental = $10.00
  • Quarter-Size Academic Year = $15.00

Work-Out Towels: FREE!

Work-Out Towels are a FREE service provided by the ProShop.  All towels must be returned to the Entry Desk after use.


SUMMER SEMESTER (Purchased AFTER July 15th)
FALL SEMESTER (Purchased AFTER October 15th)
SPRING SEMESTER (Purchased AFTER March 1st)

Lockers (Semester Rental Only)

  • Half-Size = $15
  • Quarter-Size = $7