The mission of Campus Recreation is to enrich students’ academic experience through comprehensive and diverse programs and services that promote healthy, active lifestyles.  We create an inclusive environment that provides integrated learning opportunities for the UNC community.

The Department of Campus Recreation at the University of Northern Colorado is charged with intentionally engaging the campus community in experiential learning activities, in order to enhance student academic success and equip individuals with the skills necessary for a life-long commitment to healthy living.

Through deliberate programming, Campus Recreation inherently creates a practical lab where students are challenged to develop character and understand the implication of their actions. Students have the potential to lead and influence others and contribute to the outcomes of their diverse recreational experiences. Students working within the department are guided in their growth and understanding of personal accountability, respect for others, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving, allowing them to leave the university equipped as leaders.

The Department of Campus Recreation at the University of Northern Colorado is committed to supporting the university academic mission and providing programming with distinct purpose. We will reach beyond traditional industry standards to enhance the student experience through each aspect of recreational programming. We envision a dynamic array of programs that positively engage students and develop community, as well as a long-term commitment to active lifestyles.

It is our belief that we should continue to be intentional and creative in the way we meet student needs based on diverse interests, in order to improve the overall opportunities offered to all students. We strive to be outstanding at supporting and encouraging non-traditional recreation, while highlighting time-honored recreational programs.

Commitment to Students
Quality Programs and Services – We will work diligently to earn the confidence and loyalty of our students by providing a diverse array of programs that focus on student satisfaction and interest. We will adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.  We will strive to exceed expectations and do so in a timely manner.
Student Development – We will facilitate opportunities for learning, self-discovery and leadership development through experiential education, team-building and role modeling.
Student Engagement and Community – We strive to provide secure, accessible environments along with diverse experiences that assist students in forging life-long friendships, realizing a sense of belonging and improving self-esteem. Student engagement reflects the diverse community at UNC and is inclusive of all students who enjoy recreational programs.

Commitment to the University
Collaboration – We actively seek partnerships that will strengthen ties among departments and divisions of the university to enhance the total experience of the students. We will strive to work toward divisional goals and commit to support other departments.
Recruitment – We promote healthy lifestyles and engaging activities that serve as a highlight of recruiting trips, as well as campus tours and visits. We strive to maintain facilities above industry standards to emphasize the university's commitment to the total development of students.
Retention – We provide significant and meaningful opportunities where students are encouraged to engage in a diverse community and share common experiences, thereby developing a deeper connection and increased loyalty to the university.