Campus Rec Information

Student Memberships


Purchasing a Membership:

Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted. 

Summer Student Memberships:

Students who are not taking classes in the Summer, but were enrolled in the Spring AND are enrolled for the Fall, may purchase summer memberships (please see current price list).  

Students must present both their Spring and Fall schedule upon purchasing a membership. Another option is to purchase the daily Recreation Center Passes for a $5.00 fee, but they will need to show their UNC ID and Fall Schedule each time they purchase a daily pass.

Students who recently graduated in Spring are not eligible for the Summer membership, however, you may purchase an Alumni Pass.

Spouse and Domestic Partner Procedures:

For spouse and domestic partner membership prices, please see the current fee schedule.

Married couples must show marriage certificate or follow steps for domestic partners.

Domestic partners must show proof of shared residence and one of the following:

  1. Joint bank account or loan
  2. Joint insurance or listing as beneficiary on insurance or retirement
  3. Joint car registration
  4. Other legal documentation of financial interdependence.

ID Cards:

All UNC Students are issued a Bear ID Card.  This card must be presented every time you enter the Rec Center.  Any lost or damaged cards must be addressed by the UNC Card Office, located in the University Center.

Student Membership Policies:

  • UNC students paying for 9 credits or more, who are also UNC employees, do not need to purchase a Faculty/Staff Membership.
  • Students may purchase a membership for their spouse or domestic partner by adding them to the student’s membership. See Spouse and Domestic Partner procedures above for more details.