Campus Rec Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a membership?

Full and part-time students pay for their memberships through student fees. Faculty, staff, retired employees, alumni, and UNC affiliates can purchase a membership at the Rec Center Entry Desk. Payment for memberships can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Payroll deduction is available for current faculty or staff.

Are spouses/partners and dependents allowed to join?

Faculty and staff members or fee-paying students can purchase a membership for their spouse or domestic partner. Documentation is required in order to purchase memberships. Dependents under the age of 18 can visit the Rec Center with their guardian for $3 per day.

Can students use the Rec Center over the summer if they are not taking summer classes?

Yes, UNC students can purchase a summer membership as long as they show proof of being registered in the spring semester prior to that summer AND the following fall semester. We cannot start a membership for new Fall semester students (freshmen or transfers) during the summer.

May I bring a guest to the Rec Center?

Members may bring a guest. A one-day guest pass can be purchased for $5.00 at the entry desk. You must provide your UNC ID in order to purchase this pass.

Why isn't the Rec Center free for UNC faculty and staff?

Campus Recreation is 100% student fee funded. We receive no state dollars. In order to operate efficiently we have to charge for memberships.

Why does the Rec Center have to close periodically throughout the year?

Campus Recreation is a student supported center with limited resources. It is necessary to schedule around the needs of our students. The Rec Center does have to close during times when there isn't heavy student use so that equipment repairs can be made and floors throughout the building can be cleaned and varnished. Heavy duty cleaning and repairs are made during closing periods so that members can work out in a safe, clean and well-maintained facility.

When is the best time to work out?

Monday through Friday from 6am-2pm usually has less student usage. The weekends are also a good time unless there is a special event scheduled.

Can spaces in the Rec Center be rented?

The meeting rooms, gymnasiums and climbing wall are available to rent. A facility request form must be filled out. There are charges for on-campus and off-campus groups and a 2-week notice is strongly recommended. This will allow the Rec Center staff time to help you plan your event and offer any assistance that might be needed so that your event does go smoothly. Rental rates are availible at the administrative office.

What are the pool hours?

Pool hours are limited because the Rec Center is 3rd in priority of use of the pool (pool is shared with academics and athletics). Pool hours for the current semester.

When can children come and swim?

Children can swim anytime during pool hours with a parent present.

When is lap swim?

Anytime that pool is open, there are 2 to 6 lanes open for lap swim.

Do group fitness classes cost and how do I sign up?

There is a minimal fee associated with group fitness classes, students and campus recreation center members can purchase a FITpass, which allows unlimited access to any group fitness classes, or a single class pass. You can register at the front desk of the campus recreation center. For more information on group fitness, including pricing click here.

How strenuous are the group fitness classes?

Group fitness classes are open to all fitness levels unless otherwise noted in the class description. Our instructors are trained to offer modifications, so participants can increase or decrease the intensity of class depending on their goals.

Is there anyone who can show me how to use the fitness equipment?

Strength and Conditioning Area orientations are free to individuals or groups who are either new to the Recreation Center or new to exercise.  This 20 minute orientation will educate you how to use a variety of strength and cardiovascular equipment and can even include a full tour of the Campus Recreation Center depending on your needs.  Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable utilizing the Recreation Center. Please take advantage of this orientation and be sure to ask plenty of questions.  Orientations are available anytime of the day, just stop by the front desk. If you are looking for more in depth guidance please check out our Personal Training Services.

Why aren't children under 16 allowed in the gated strength and conditioning areas and group fitness classes?

Group fitness classes and strength and conditioning areas tend to be higher areas of risk due to the equipment involved, so an age limit exists.

How do I join a club sport?

Contact the Coordinator of Club Sports and they will put you in touch with the team you are interested in joining. You may also refer to the Club Sports section on this website to find contact names and phone numbers for each club.

Do I have to be an expert player to join a club sport?

No, most clubs are open to all levels of competitor/participant. Some clubs do have try-outs for competition teams, but anyone who joins can practice with the club.

What does it cost to join a club sport and how are they funded?

It varies for each club. Clubs have membership fees and money is also raised through fund raising, donations and student fees.

How do I get in touch with a coach or club officer for additional information?

Call the club sports office staff to get a phone number for a specific club coach. The information is also available on the Rec Center website.

Who is eligible to play intramurals and where can I get information?

Enrolled UNC Students who are paying student fees if they are at least 18 years old, current Faculty and Staff members and Alumni who are CRC members are also eligible. All information pertaining to Intramural Sports can be found on the web or by contacting the Campus Recreation administrative office. This includes how to get on a team, entry forms, and team schedules.

How do I find out if games are canceled if the weather is bad?

Call 351-2062 after 2pm on weekdays and after 10 am on weekends.

Check the Intramural Sports website