To protect the investment in and integrity of our equipment, we have several policies in place to ensure the safe handling of ORC rental gear.

  • The patron accepts all responsibility for injury, disfigurement, or death from use of rental equipment.
  • Equipment may be reserved in advance.
  • The Gear Shop does NOT take reservations for Blue Cruiser Bikes. They are rented on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Patrons may be limited to renting certain items for themselves only. (e.g. Blue Cruisers, Snowboards)
  • Gear Shop equipment is designed for a specific function. It is the patrons responsibility to use equipment only for its intended use.
  • All equipment is due on the scheduled return date.
  • The patron has the responsibility to check over equipment and to note any pre-existing problems before leaving the Gear Shop. The patron may set up the equipment or examine it as needed.
  • Outdoor Pursuits staff will explain the proper and safe use of equipment as needed.  This explanation is not a substitute for training from a certified professional.
  • The Gear Shop reserves the right to refuse service.
  • Renters are charged for late or damaged equipment.