Registration & Policies


 Please fill out a Request for Personal Training Form found at the Campus Recreation Front Desk or contact the Graduate Assistant of Fitness & Wellness (970) 351-2062.

1. The Graduate Assistant of Fitness & Wellness will contact you withTrainer-Bikeinformation about program options, a client registration packet, and to schedule a time to meet with you.    

2. When you meet with Graduate Assistant of Fitness & Wellness, you will:
a.      Turn in client registration packet
b.      Select Personal Trainer and personal programming
c.       Sign up for appropriate number of training sessions

3. Meet with Trainer for Fitness Assessment and first session  


Registration Protocol



In order to help make your experience a positive one, we ask that you observe the following policies:

  1. Payment and the Client Registration Packet must be received before a trainer will be assigned. Trainers cannot take session payments. Please pay for sessions at the Campus Recreation Entry Desk.  Remember to keep your receipt for proof of purchase.
  2. The first session of one on one sessions and buddy sessions will be dedicated to a full fitness assessment and goal setting/discussion.
  3. All training sessions must be used within the semester purchased (no refunds).
  4. Call the Campus Recreation front desk at 351-2062 if you know you will be late (trainers will wait 15 minutes and then that scheduled session will be forfeited).  If you are late, the session will only last until the end of the hour for which that session was scheduled.
  5. If needed, sessions must be rescheduled 24 hours in advance or they will be forfeited (call your Trainer or the Campus Recreation Entry Desk to leave a message for your trainer at 351-2062).
  6. Be ready to work hard during each session; wear athletic type shoes and clothing; bring a towel and water bottle.