Registration & Policies


All UNC students must register and pay for a FITpass to participate, passes can be purchased at the Campus Recreation Entry Desk.  An Annual or Semester FITpass allows for unlimited access to all group fitness classes.




Semester FITpass



Academic FITpass



Single Class Pass


$3* (+ $5 guest fee)

Classes are free during summer sessions.

Group fitness participation is included in faculty/staff/alumni/dependent membership fees.

Students can now bill their FITpass to their student account!
Come by the Campus Recreation Entry Desk to sign up.

*If a non-member of the CRC wishes to participate in a single group fitness class they must purchase a $5 guest pass to enter CRC.

Group Fitness Participant Policies

In order to help make your experience a positive one, we ask that you observe the following policies:

  1. All participants must bring UNC ID or CRC Pass to attend all group fitness classes. 
  2. Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  3. Arrive to class early; participants will not be admitted 5 minutes after class has begun.
  4. For participant safety group fitness classes have a limited capacity:
    Lower Group Fitness Studio:  35 people
                            Upper Group Fitness Studio:  65 people
  5. Appropriate attire (clothing that enhances cooling, prevents skin abrasion, and minimizes friction along the inner thighs, no jeans) and footwear (closed toed athletic shoes, with the exception of yoga, pilates, and some dance formats) must be worn. 
  6. Classes are a group activity; we ask that you follow the instructor’s directions and be considerate of other participants. 
  7. Please leave any backpacks and bags in cubbies provided.
  8. Please turn off all cell phones during class.  
  9. The instructor reserves the right to ask a participant to leave class if these policies are not followed and the Coordinator of Fitness reserves the right to revoke a FITpass at their discretion.