Group Fitness

Group Fitness Fall 2016 Schedule




Top 10 Reasons to Participate in Group Fitness

  1. Feel a sense of achievement, making you feel stronger and more confident.
  2. Be transported to an endorphin high.
  3. Develop a well-rounded fitness routine with so many different classes.
  4. Enjoy a welcoming environment, even if you are a new member or fitness beginner
  5. Enjoy flexibility – the frequency and number of classes offered is sure to fit into your schedule.
  6. Achieve real fitness results.
  7. Enjoy great camaraderie in a social atmosphere.
  8. Learn how to exercise properly, safely and effectively.
  9. Motivation!!!
  10. Forget you’re working out because you will be having so much fun – great music, moves, and coaching.

**UNC Group Fitness Instructors obtain a nationally recognized group fitness certification within one year of hire.

Tips for a Great Class Experience

  • Remember to bring water with you.
  • If you are new to group fitness or a particular format, try to arrive early and ask the instructor any questions you may have.
  • Participants are encouraged to regularly monitor their own workout intensity, utilize modification, and take breaks as needed.
  • For your safety, please do not enter a class five minutes after it has started.
  • Listen to your body and be aware of Exercise Danger Signs

*FITpasses are non-refundable and non-transferable.