Group Fitness Class Descriptions

All classes are recommended for all fitness levels, unless noted otherwise.



Cycle Insanity: Conquer simulated hills, mountains and flat terrain in this complete workout that includes interval, endurance and strength exercises.  You control the intensity and resistance level for every exercise.  Class size is limited to 10 participants, so please arrive early!

Kickbox: This class features basic, moderate and high intensity combinations of punches and kicks to get your heart pumping! 

Zumba:  Ditch the workout and join the party!  You will have so much fun in this Latin-based dance class that you will forget you are working out!









Full Body Fit:  This integrative class will strengthen and tone the major muscle groups using your body weight and all of our “toys,” including dumbbells, weights, stability balls, BOSU’s, resistance tubing and more.

Hard Core:  Tired of the same sit-up routine?  This 25-minute class will challenge your abs and lower back to improve strength and muscle tone.

Lethal Legs:  Beware – you may need to register your lower extremities as a lethal weapon.  This 25-minute workout is designed to strengthen and sculpt the muscles of your lower body, including your hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads and outer thighs.

Power Pump:  This 45-minute barbell program will strengthen and tone all the major muscle groups in your body.  This class utilizes traditional strength-training exercises and matches each move to music to create a simple, fun and effective workout.

Ultimate Upper:  This 25-minute workout will sculpt and tone your triceps, biceps, shoulders, upper and lower back and chest.



Aqua Fit:  Whether you are in need of some cross training or just want a fun water workout, this FREE, non-weight bearing class will tone and shape your muscles and improve your cardio fitness.  Located in the Butler-Hancock pool.

Belly Dance Core: 
If you mix cardio dance moves with core strengthening exercises and put it to fun music you get Belly Dance Core!

BOSU Blast:  This fun and unique equipment will give you a great workout that challenges your agility and balance. 
Core Cycle: If climbing difficult hills and sprinting through intervals wasn’t challenging enough, Core Cycle adds specific training to strengthen the core muscles.  Spend the first 30 minutes on the bike sweating through a variety of drills followed by 15 minutes off the bike crunching your way to stronger abs.

Cycle Circuit:
Prepare to be challenged in this full-body cardio and strength based class set up in a traditional circuit style format. This class will use a variety of equipment including our bikes to rev up your workout.

Insane Circuit: Looking for an intense workout that combines both cardio and muscle toning? Then Insane Circuit is just the class for you! This hour long workout with a boot camp feel incorporates a variety of drills designed to challenge and push you to your limits.

Iron Yoga:  Get strong, lean muscles in this class that fuses strength training with traditional yoga poses.  This class will challenge your stamina and strength and is great for all fitness levels. 

Ride & Roll: This class blends the intensity of a cycling class with the restorative effects of the foam roller.  After riding through a variety of cycling drills, enjoy the benefits of a self-massage by being lead through a series of muscle releasing exercises using a foam roller.

Every life is worth protecting! Come learn how to think tactically to prevent hostile situations and how to respond physically when necessary. Recommend for all levels.

Tabata:  Do you enjoy high intense drill based workouts like Insanity and P90X?  Then try out this 45-minute class which provides short bouts of a dynamic mix of cardio and strength exercises to challenge your entire body.  Drills will be utilized to maximize your speed, agility, power, strength and balance.


*It is recommended to attend at least one Mixed-Level Yoga or Yoga Foundations class prior to attending.


Mind Body Classes

Advanced Yoga:  Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Advanced Yoga is filled with challenging poses and is recommended for individuals who have sustained a regular yoga practice for a minimum of 3 months before participating.

Mixed-Level Yoga:
  Everyone can benefit from better posture, increased flexibility, strength and improved concentration.  This mixed-level class will provide modifications and progressions to meet everyone’s needs.  All levels are welcome.

Power Vinyasa Yoga:  Power Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where individuals fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements.  The pace is fast with little rest.  It is recommended that individuals have attended other yoga classes before becoming a regular of Power Vinyasa.

Restorative Yoga: 
Let’s face it: Life can be stressful.  Restorative Yoga is comprised of postures that have a
particular ability to leave us feeling nourished and well rested.  All levels are welcome.

Yoga Basics: 
Yoga is the connection between mind, body and breath.  This class focuses on fundamental yoga poses in order to improve technique and improve flexibility, strength and endurance.  Recommended for beginners.


Registration and Policies

  1. All students and their dependents must register and pay for a FITpass to participate.  Passes can be purchased at the Campus Recreation Center entry desk.  FITpasses are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  2. Non-members must pay the $5.00 guest fee in addition to the $3.00 single class pass.
  3. All participants must bring their UNC ID to every class in order to participate.
  4. For more information, include the most up-to-date schedule, policies and recommendations, please visit


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