Meet Our Staff

Anna McConnell


Year: Junior
Major: Business Marketing
Most Memorable Lifeguard Experience: When I taught swim lessons, all my kiddos would stay after and follow me around pretending to be lifeguards...pretty cute and entertaining

Anna Staszewski


Year: Senior
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Most Memorable Lifeguard Experience: UNC has been my one and only life-guarding job, so the most exciting thing I've done is bandaging up a bloody toe. It was pretty intense.

Brenna Boese


Year in school: Senior
Major: Sports & Exercise Science
Hometown: Billings, MT
Most Memorable Lifeguard Experience: Helping a seizure victim at a public event

Cara Leoni


Cara Leoni
Year in School: Junior
Major/Minor: Special Education/Outdoor Education
Hometown: Wauconda, Illinois
What you want to be when you "grow up": I want to work in nature with students that have special needs.
Cool story: I lifeguarded a triathlon in a kayak and had to make a few distressed swimmer saves.

Chris Heiser


Year in school: Super Senior 
Major: communications Minor: Business
Hometown: Aurora, CO
When he “grows up” he wants to be: a marketing director for a sports nutrition company
Most intense lifeguard moment has to be when I wasn't working at all. I was cliff diving with a couple buddies of mine and it was the beginning of spring so the snow was melting which means the river was going very fast. We knew that we had to immediately swim to shore after we got in the water or else we would get carried away by the river. Well, we noticed that one of my friends wasn't jumping and turns out, he wasn't confident in his swimming abilities. I told him that I would wait for him at the bottom because I was a lifeguard and that's what I do. So he agrees and jumps off the cliff. As soon as his head popped out of the water, I noticed the panic in his eyes. He had no control and wasn't swimming to shore. He came straight towards me and we both start charging down the river. He was screaming and yelling while I was holding into his leg. I tried to pull him closer to me with his legs because I knew that if I let go, he was going to go under. As we were going down, we hit a big boulder in the river and we both submerge under water. This gave me the opportunity to grab him and wrap my arm over his chest. We both reach the surface and he's still screaming. I swim towards the shore until I could get my feet to touch the ground because it was a deep river. As soon as I could touch, I threw my buddy on the shore and said that we aren't cliff diving anymore. It took him a bit to catch his breathe but he thanked me. When looking back at the river, there were really bad rapids just 10 feet from where we got out. I knew that if it wasn't for me being there, something really bad could have happened.

Cindy DeMallie


Year in School: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Dietetics
Hometown: Loveland          
What you want to be when you "grow up": Dietitian for athletes
Coolest experience so far as a lifeguard: gave rescue breathing to a 6 year old boy who was unconscious as my first save.

Claire Rumery


Year: Junior
Major:  Vocal Music Education
Hometown: Brussels, Belgium
When Claire “grows up”: I want to be happy in the future, everything else will fall into place after that..but if you want a real answer I do want to be a music teacher overseas
Most Memorable Lifeguard Experience: Coolest experience was at the camp I was a counselor at and we had a legitimate search and rescue and after sprinting from the land to the water, it turns out the kid was just hanging out in the cabin.

Connor Jacobs


Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Hometown: Parker
What I want to be when I grow up: Financial planner
Best Lifeguard experience: Kicking the entire Legend baseball team out of my hometown pool

Kayla Fauria


Year in school: Victory Lap Senior
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Palatine, IL
What do you want to be when you “grow up”: I either want to work in professional sports or become a recreation director.
Most Memorable Lifeguard Experience: Responding to a woman having a seizure in a locker room, it lasted over 20 min.

Melinda Zen


Year in School: Senior (5th year)
Major: Sports and exercise science
Minor: coaching and biology
Hometown: Centennial, CO
What you want to be when you "grow up": cardio thoracic surgeon
Most Memorable Lifeguard Experience: we had a guy try and dive in at Elitch's and ended up basically scalping himself. He was so drunk he didn't realize what happened and kept trying to go back in the water.

Ryan Murray


Year in school: Junior
Major: Recreation, tourism and hospitality
Hometown: Littleton, CO
What I want to be when I grow up: In Ski Resort Management