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Private Swim Instruction

Private Swim Instruction is a dedicated 60-minute session with a certified instructor. Participants are able to work with their instructor to meet personal goals. You will have a skilled teacher who will focus on your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Instruction is available for all skill levels and abilities. Participants and instructors work together to set up convenient times to swim, and may set up their sessions during any Open Swim time.


  • 1 Lesson = $12.00
  • 3 Lessons = $33.00
  • 6 Lessons = $60.00
  • 8 Lessons = $72.00

Buddy Swim Lessons:

  • 2 Participants = $15.00 per lesson ($7.50 per person, per lesson)

How to register:

  1. Visit the Campus Recreation Center entry desk to fill out/turn in a Patron Registration Packet.
  2. Campus Recreation staff will arrange for an instructor that will suit your specific needs.
  3. You will be contacted by the instructor to set up your session days and times.
  4. Payment for private swim instruction is required before your first session.


The Campus Recreation Center has equipment available for checkout at the Pool or for purchase at the Entry Desk, including:

  • Speedo Anti-fog Goggles (for sale only)
  • Kickboards (checkout only)
  • AquaFit Gloves (checkout only)
  • Inntertubes (checkout only)
  • AquaJogger Vests (checkout only)
  • Noodles (checkout only)