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UNC Club Sports offer a structured enviroment to practice and play the game you love while building friendships that will last a lifetime. Student-led and student-funded, Club Sport teams represent UNC in competitions and tournaments both regionally and nationally.

For questions please contact the Coordinator of Club Sports, Mallory Jordan at 970-351-2936 or

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Donating to a club of your choice is completely safe and secure. When making a donation, please specify which club you're giving to. For any questions or concerns, please contact Mallory Jordan.

Club of the Month: March 2014

Climbing Club was chosen for March’s Club of the Month because they were able to successfully bring back a CCS climbing competition to UNC as well as planning and executing an awesome spring break trip! The team has also made vast improvements from last year. They are as organized and competitive as they ever were. We are so proud to announce Climbing as this club of the month!!!

Club of the Month: February 2014

Club Tennis has been picked as February's Club of the Month because of their consistent success on and off of the court. The team has had a great winning year so far and are about to head off to Utah for Regionals. They are hopeful on coming back with a bid to Nationals for April! Tennis has also completed everything they need with paperwork, travel, and representing Club Sports proudly! We are ecstatic to announce Club Tennis as this club of the month!

Club of the Month: December/January 2014

Hockey has been chosen as Dec/Jan Club of the Month because of their success as a team! As of Jan 24th, the team is ranked 5th in our region and are on the road to earning a spot at regionals. Off the ice team is perfect with their paperwork , volunteering and representing the Club Sports program. We are proud to recognize Hockey as this club of the Month!

Club of the Month: November, 2013

We proudly recognize Taekwondo as November's Club of the Month! Taekwondo has been working very hard towards their goals and have been consistently improving their club. Their first ever tournament was held here at UNC in November and it was a huge success! They have represented club sports well this month and are very deserving of this award. Keep up the good work Taekwondo! Congratulations on your continued success!

Club of the Month:October, 2013

We are proud to announce Men's Soccer as October's Club of the Month! This is the team’s first Club of the Month and they are extremely deserving of this recognition. The team has improved drastically from previous years. They were able to obtain an exceptionally talented coach, finished 4th in the Region, and completed all of the tasks needed to maintain their club sport status. The team is looking forward to the spring. They are planning on competing in an indoor league, build their team fundamentals, and to continue to support the other clubs! Congratulations Men’s Soccer! You guys deserve it!

Club of the Month: August/September, 2013

ESports was chosen as the club of the month for Aug/Sept because of how well they’ve done as our newest UNC Club Sport. The team had an outstanding number for tryouts, they created two teams (Grizzly - top photo & Polor - bottom photo), and in their first tournament they took 3rd and 4th place. In addition to that, the club has met all of the policy and procedure requirements to be a Club Sport and is already organizing its first team fundraiser. Needless to say, the club has hit the ground running and is accomplishing things that it takes other clubs years to do! Congratulations to UNC ESports!

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