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Club Sports provide opportunities to participate in competitive and recreational sports and also learn valuable life skills in organization, communication and leadership.  Club Sports have been established to promote and develop the interests and skills of their members in a particular sport or recreational activity.

For questions please contact the Coordinator of Club Sports, Jaclyn Gidley at 970-351-2936 or

Club of the Year - 2013-2014

The University of Northern Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team is the 2013-2014 Club of the year! Men’s Lacrosse became more of a presence on campus and in the community with good reason. The team marketed their games, got student radio to DJ, and event provided some half time entertainment. Overall, they made their games more of an event. In addition, they gave the crowd something to be proud of and support. The team when undefeated and finished 1st in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference! In addition to the success on the field, the team support other clubs, attended club to club interaction events, and volunteered their time in the community. Overall, the team went above and beyond any and all expectations! Congratulations on an amazing year!

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