Outdoor Pursuits Workshops

All workshops start at 5pm and will meet in the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop located in the West Entrance of Harrison Hall adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center. Please call 970-351-GEAR or e-mail Outdoor Pursuits to sign-up.

Fall 2017 Workshops

  • Climbing Gym Shuttle  -  First Friday of the Month  -  Fee $7

    Climbing Gym Shuttle
    First Friday of the Month
    Fee $7
    For the first time ever we will be offering $7
    shuttle rides to the local indoor climbing gyms
    in the northern Colorado area. Sign up at
    the climbing wall with student bill or at the
    Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop. Shuttles will
    be available the first Friday of every month
    during the Fall and Spring Semester. See a
    climbing wall employee for this semester’s

  • S’mores & Slacklining  -  August 21st @ 4pm  -  FREE

    S’mores & Slacklining
    August 21st, 2017 @ 4pm
    A fire pit, good music, the perfect
    s’more, and slacklining with friends…
    what could possibly be a better way to
    start up your fall semester? Stop on in--
    no registration required!

  • Kayaking Beginner Clinic  -  August 30th @ 4pm  -  Fee $5

    Kayaking Beginner Clinic
    August 30th, 2017 @ 4pm
    Fee $5
    This beginner course offers students
    and introduction to Kayaking.
    The course will focus on the basic
    construction of a kayak, paddle
    strokes, safety, and self-rescue. After
    completing this course, students will
    be eligible for one of our kayaking
    trips in the summer and fall.

  • Yoga for Runners  -  September 13th  -  Fee $5

    Yoga for Runners
    September 13th, 2017
    Fee $5
    Running is one of the most popular forms of
    aerobic training. For those who are frequent
    runners, it is important that proper stretching
    and strengthening exercises are accounted
    for in training to reduce the risk of injury.
    This workshop will be led by a certified yoga
    instructor, who will offer positions and cues
    to help runners access important postural
    muscles that are stressed during the repetitive
    nature of running.

  • Intro to Route Setting  -  September 15th  -  Fee $5

    Intro to Route Setting
    September 15th, 2017
    Fee $5
    Have you ever wondered how to set climbing
    routes at an indoor rock wall? The Outdoor
    Pursuits climbing wall staff would love to teach
    you through hands-on experience! By the end
    of this workshop, you will have created your
    very own climbing route at the UNC wall.

  • Leave No Trace  -  September 20th  -  Fee $5

    Leave No Trace
    September 20th, 2017
    Fee $5
    With millions of visitors exploring the
    backcountry each year, Leave No Trace has
    never been more important! At this workshop
    you will learn about specific ways to lessen
    your impact in the backcountry, keeping it
    pristine and clean for all future guests to enjoy.

  • Intro to Lead Climbing  -  September 27th  -  Fee $5

    Intro to Lead Climbing
    September 27th, 2017
    Fee $5
    Lead climbing is an advanced skill for rock
    climbers. Outdoor Pursuits staff members
    will be teaching this skill at the UNC Rec
    Center climbing wall, using bolts/hangers and
    quick-draws that mimic the outdoor reality of
    setting up a line.

  • Kayak Roll Clinic  -  October 1st  -  Fee $5

    Kayak Roll Clinic
    October 1st, 2017
    Fee $5
    This course is designed to start where the
    beginner course left off. The course will focus
    on self-rescue and using the eskimo roll. Upon
    completion of this course, the student will be
    able to rent out Outdoor Pursuit kayaks.

  • Trail Running for Beginners  -  October 6th  -  Fee $5

    Trail Running for Beginners
    October 6th, 2017
    Fee $5
    Running isn’t as self-explanatory as you might
    think. Proper running form is important
    to avoid injury as well as aid performance.
    During this workshop, we will take a field trip
    outside Greeley and enjoy a 3-4 mile run on
    a dirt trail! Transportation and park fees are
    included in the registration cost.

  • Yoga for Climbers  -  October 18th  -  Fee $5

    Yoga for Climbers
    October 18th, 2017
    Fee $5
    For those who are frequent rock climbers,
    proper stretching and strengthening exercises
    must be included in training to reduce the
    risk of injury and unbalanced physique.
    This workshop will be led by a certified yoga
    instructor, who will offer positions and cues
    to help climbers access important postural
    muscles that are stressed during their climbing

  • Intro to Comp Climbing  -  October 27th, 2017  -  Fee $5

    Intro to Comp Climbing
    October 27th, 2017
    Fee $5
    Competition climbing is structured a little
    differently than a normal climbing gym setup.
    If you’ve never competed in a climbing
    competition before and want to climb in
    a simulated competition, sign up for this
    workshop and we’ll teach you the process!
    Score cards and climbing equipment are
    included in the cost.

  • Basic Wilderness First Aid  -  November 8th  -  Fee $5

    Basic Wilderness First Aid
    November 8th, 2017
    Fee $5
    When it comes to mishap in the wilderness,
    it’s not “if,” it’s “when.” We will go over the
    basics of wilderness first aid, allowing you to
    calmly and appropriately address frequent
    outdoor injuries or illnesses blisters, rolled
    ankles, and dehydration…oh my! Supplies
    included in the registration cost.

  • Climbing Techniques  -  November 15th  -  Fee $5

    Climbing Techniques
    November 15th, 2017
    Fee $5
    Climbing is about so much more than arm
    strength! Register for this technique-based
    workshop and learn some tips and tricks
    to get the most out of your rock climbing

  • Wilderness First Responder Certification

    May 11th - May 20th