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Outdoor Pursuits Workshops

All workshops start at 5pm and will meet in the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop located in the West Entrance of Harrison Hall adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center. Please call 970-351-GEAR or e-mail Outdoor Pursuits to sign-up.

Spring 2018 Workshops

  • Climbing Gym Shuttle  -  First Friday of the Month  -  Fee $7

    Climbing Gym Shuttle
    First Friday of the Month
    Fee $7
    For the first time ever we will be offering $7
    shuttle rides to the local indoor climbing gyms
    in the northern Colorado area. Sign up at
    the climbing wall with student bill or at the
    Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop. Shuttles will
    be available the first Friday of every month
    during the Fall and Spring Semester.

    Participants will meet at the Gear Shop at 4:45 pm and depart for the climbing gym at 5pm. Return times are subject to the participants.

    • Feb 2 to Miramont
    • March 9 to Ascent
    • April 6 to Movement
  • Snowshoe How-To -  January 17th, 2018  -  Fee $5

    Snowshoe How-To
    January 17th, 2018
    Fee $5
    This workshop provides inspiration,
    education and practice to become a confident
    snowshoer! This workshop will teach you all
    the essential tools and tricks for making the
    most out of winter hiking.

  • Yoga for Snow Sports -  January 31st, 2018 -  Fee $5

    Yoga for Snow Sports
    January 31st, 2018
    Fee $5
    For those who are frequent skiers and
    snowboarders, proper stretching and
    strengthening exercises can work out those
    stiff, sore spots in the body. This workshop will
    be led by a certified yoga instructor, who will
    offer positions and cues to help snow sport
    athletes access important postural muscles that
    are stressed during their sport.

  • AIARE Avalanche Level ICertification -  February 3rd – 4th, 2018 -  Fee $300

    AIARE Avalanche Level I
    February 3rd – 4th, 2018
    Fee $300
    This 24 hour certification course will equip
    students with knowledge of rescue techniques,
    equipment safety, risk management, and tips
    to planning a safe trip in the snow-packed
    backcountry. Cost includes tuition, lodging in
    Estes Park, and the certification test.

  • Avalanche Awareness - February 7th, 2018 - Fee $5

    Avalanche Awareness
    February 7th, 2018
    Fee $5
    Ever wondered what causes avalanches,
    how to minimize you risk and what to do
    if everything starts going wrong? Come to
    our avalanche awareness course to learn the

  • Bar-Mitts-Fun -  February 21st, 2018 -  Fee $5

    February 21st, 2018
    Fee $5
    Do you love riding your bike but the cold
    winter breeze burns your hands? Come to
    the Outdoor Pursuits bike shop located in the
    Gear Shop to learn how to make bar Mitts so
    that you can enjoy riding all year round.

  • Kayaking Beginner Course -  March 25th and April 29th, 2018 -  Fee $5

    Kayaking Beginner Course
    March 25th and April 29th, 2018
    Fee $5
    This beginner course offers students and
    introduction to Kayaking. The course will
    focus on the basic construction of a kayak,
    paddle strokes, safety, and self-rescue. After
    completing this course, students will be eligible
    to participate in our summer and fall kayaking

  • Colorado Wildlife and Landscapes -  March 28th, 2018 -  Fee $5

    Colorado Wildlife and
    March 28th, 2018
    Fee $5
    Colorado is a region with many unique animals
    and stunning scenery—in fact, people travel
    from all around the world to learn about the
    geographical wonders that reside here. Want
    to impress your friends and relatives with
    knowledge during your next mountain trip?
    Register for this workshop to learn more about
    the specifics of what Colorado is made of!

  • Kayak Roll Clinic -  April 8th, 2018 -  Fee $5

    Kayak Roll Clinic
    April 8th, 2018
    Fee $5
    This course is designed to start off where the
    beginner kayaking course left off. The course
    will focus on self-rescue using the “eskimo roll.”
    Upon completion of this course the student will
    be able to rent an Outdoor Pursuits kayak with
    a spray skirt.

  • COES Conference -  April 13th-15th, 2018 -  Fee $55 /$75

    COES Conference
    April 13th-15th, 2018
    Fee $55 /$75
    The fifth annual Colorado Outdoor Educators
    Symposium will be held right here at UNC
    Outdoor Pursuits. This conference designed to
    give students a conference experience without
    the cost associated with typical conferences.
    We will have a keynote speaker, educational
    sessions throughout the weekend and technical
    skills breakout sessions to help further your
    leadership and outdoor knowledge.

    For More Information Click Here

  • S’mores Clinic -  April 25th, 2018 -  FREE

    S’mores Clinic
    April 25th, 2018
    Join outdoor pursuits on the Campus
    Recreation lawn for some s’mores goodness.
    We will have a fire, crazy creek chairs
    for relaxing, and a handful of s’mores
    combinations and toppings. Come try one of
    our favorite concoctions, or make up one of
    your own!

  • Wilderness First Responder Certification - May 11th - May 20th, 2018 - Fee TBA

    Wilderness First Responder
    May 11th - May 20th, 2018
    Fee TBA
    The Wilderness First Responder Certification
    is an 80 hour intensive course designed to
    provide you with the tools you need to make
    important medical and evacuation decisions
    in remote locations. Courses are taught
    by season National Outdoor Leadership
    instructor’s right here on campus. Students
    can also elect to receive course credit through
    the University of Utah for an additional cost.