Group Fitness Class

The UNC Fitness & Wellness Program encompasses Group Fitness, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Nutrition and Wellness. We strive to provide cutting-edge fitness and wellness programming in alignment with industry standards in an inclusive environment with exceptional customer service.


Group Fitness Classes are FREE the first week of school Aug. 21st - Aug. 27th 

2017 Fall Group Fitness Schedule



Getting Started

If you are beginning a new workout regimen, follow these three easy steps to success:

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Step 1: Find Something Enjoyable

Find an activity that you could envision yourself consistently performing in the distant future. Using this technique will assist in adhering to exercise and creating a healthy lifestyle.

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Step 2: Pace Yourself

Keep exercises comfortable and increase intensity after your body has become accustomed to the new activity levels.

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Step 3: Reap the Benefits!

Most of all, focus on enjoying yourself and how great exercising makes you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fitness should be personalized to what you enjoy!

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