Rugby Lift

Club Sports provide opportunities to participate in competitive and recreational sports and also learn valuable life skills in organization, communication and leadership.  Club Sports have been established to promote and develop the interests and skills of their members in a particular sport or recreational activity.

For questions please contact the Coordinator of Club Sports, Brett Ford at 970-351-2936.

UNC Club Sports & Roma’s Pizza Sponsorship

UNC Club Sports and Roma’s Pizza are working together this year through a sponsorship, which stemmed from our Executive Council members wanting to establish the programs first sponsorship in April of 2014. Roma’s Pizza has been Greeley’s pizza and beer joint since 1988, and is well known as having a fun environment and receives annual awards like: Greeley’s best pizza, take-out, lunch, vegetarian food, and drink specials. All Club Sports athletes will receive special deals throughout the school year, and for our annual awards banquet Roma’s Pizza will cater the event. This is the first full school year for Roma’s Pizza and UNC Club Sports to establish a sponsorship, and are looking forward to supporting each other throughout the year.

Club of the Year: 2015-2016

Club Tennis

Club Tennis this year was able to accomplish something that they never thought possible at the beginning of the year. They were able to attend the NIRSA On Campus National Tournament in Cary, North Carolina! Throughout the entire year, the team's officers were great with communicating with the Club Sports office, and had a great amount of success on the court. Their record for the year included teams placing fifth or above at multiple tournaments, and at Nationals they went 1-5 and 59th out of 64 teams. They were able to achieve the community service requirement, and did a great job transitioning officer responsibilities. Overall, Tennis did an amazing job this year and we are excited for their future!