The Bresnahan-Halstead Center is committed to work for the advancement of knowledge and quality services for people with disabilities through research, professional development, partnership/technical assistance, and scholarships.  As part of this mission, the Center is committed to assisting faculty in the School of Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado with research projects aligned with the mission in the form of student stipends.  Funding is available to support a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for up to 8 hours of work per week on the project as well as one-half the costs of tuition and fees for that student for up to two semesters.

Instructions for applying:

Perceived Needs of Disabilities Support Services (DSS) offices when Providing Services to Students with Disabilities in Thai and ASEAN Universities

This collaborative study investigated services provided by Disability Support Services (DSS) offices in Universities in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines (ASEAN universities) via interviews and open-ended questions from questionnaires to determine (a) current services for students with disabilities attending Thai and ASEAN universities; (b) strategies DSS staff are currently using to support students with disabilities in these universities; (c) perceived needs and challenges of DSS offices in Thailand; (d) perceived needs of students with disabilities at these universities.  A GRA transcribed data from Thai, participants’ native language, to English to increase reliability of the study.

Effects of Instructional Rubrics on the Writing Quality of Secondary Students with and without Disabilities

This research study is investigating the writing quality of students with disabilities after an instructional intervention. Students with disabilities will be involved in written expression strategy instruction through the application of instructional rubrics in inclusive high school classrooms. The study will test the efficacy of using instructional rubrics for teaching students with cognitive disabilities by comparing their writing performance as affected by either teaching or providing a rubric to students prior to a written expression assignment.