Travel Past Events

In 2015, travel awards were made to Lori Peterson to attend the West Region Update Conference for SIM Professional Developers in order to maintain her SIM Professional Developer Status as well as other faculty members to attend the International Council for Exceptional Children Conference.

Travel support was provided to three faculty members of the School of Special Education to present at the 2014 Council for Exceptional Children Convention (2 faculty members) and at the Executive Committee Board Meeting of the International Council for Education of Persons with Visual Impairment (ICEVI). 

Bowen to International Council for Exceptional Children Conference (CEC), Denver, Colorado

  • The Bresnahan-Halstead Center is committed to work for the advancement of knowledge and quality services for people with disabilities through research. CEC is the premier forum for special educators. At this conference, Bowen shared research completed with Dr. Silva Correa-Torres on children with deafblindess.
  • Sandy Bowen's UNC Webpage

Corrrea-Torres to 14th International Mobility Conference (IMC), Palmerston North, New Zealand

  • Correa-Torres presented two papers from her current research in Orientation & Mobility for individuals who are visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities: "An Analysis of Longitudinal Data on O&M Services for Students Who Are Visually Impaired, Including Those with Multiple Disabilities: Implications for O&M Preparation Programs"; and "Pre-Service O&M Specialists' Decision-Making Thought Processes While Teaching: Implications for O&M Personnel Preparation Programs".
  • Silvia Correa-Torresí UNC webpage

Balcerak to International Council for Exceptional Children Conference (CEC), Denver, Colorado

  • Balcerak served as one of the Lead Chairs (representing higher education) on the Local Arrangements Committee, her work directly relating to increasing her knowledge/skills for working with professionals, teacher candidates and students with disabilities. She was actively involved in the planning, organization, and delivery of these professional development experiences for 4500+ special educators and families, enhancing her own skills/abilities in her role of Field Experience Coordinator at UNC (planning, organizing and providing for effective delivery of quality field experiences to improve outcomes for individuals with disabilities and supporting the reciprocal learning of cooperating teachers).
  • Eileen Balcerakís UNC webpage

Lieber to International Council for Exceptional Children Conference (CEC), Denver, Colorado.

  • Lieber was supported to attend CEC to advance her knowledge through professional development by increasing knowledge base and passing that knowledge on to her UNC students in the classes she teaches, both on- and off-campus.

Peterson to SIM Professional Developerís 2012 SIM Virtual Conference.

  • In order to maintain SIM Professional Developer Status, Peterson participated in the conference to update and maintain SIM Professional Developer skills, supporting her ability to use this knowledge and status to disseminate strategy intervention instruction to persons who provide direct service and support to individuals with disabilities, including preservice educators in the Special Education Generalist undergraduate and graduate programs at UNC and practicing special education service providers across the State of Colorado. The dissemination of this information supports an increase in the provision of effective, evidenced-based instructional strategies which directly relates to the Bresnahan-Halstead Centerís mission of advancing the quality of services for individuals with disabilities.
  • Lori Petersonís UNC webpage

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