Professional Development Past Events

2014 Bresnahan-Halstead Symposium:  Instructional Excellence for Improving Learner Outcomes

The 2014 Bresnahan-Halstead Symposium offered participants the opportunity to hear and interact with leading experts in the field.  Don Deshler, Stevan Kukic, Michael Epstein, Harvey Rude, and John Luckner shared strategies that blend good practice with cutting edge research and leads to “Instructional Excellence for Learner Outcomes.”  The week-long session included such topics as instructional coaching, engaging families, and designing instruction using the MTSS framework.  Not only were participants able to actively engage in discussions with the presenters in this intimate setting, but also, as a result of these discussions and on-site activities, attendees left with action plans they developed in which the innovative strategies presented could be implemented to produce the outcomes that provide success for individuals with disabilities.   

2014 Special Education Directors’ Academy:  Leadership Performance, Management and Results

The Bresnahan-Halstead Center, together with the Colorado Department of Education, hosted the 2014 Special Education Directors’ Academy.  Jean Crockett, University of Florida, shared leadership strategies for performance management and results with a group of approximately 40 directors of special education programs in Colorado BOCES and school districts.  Attendees also heard from a panel of building principals as they described their experiences in working to promote the success of all students in the classroom.  Formal and informal group discussions and reflection provided direction for attendees as they prepared for the upcoming academic year.

2014 Early Childhood Summit:  Language, Early literacy and Family Engagement

Carol Trivett, Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, North Carolina, interacted with attendees as she provided insight and strategies for innovative and promising approaches to working with all children, birth through 5 years of age, in all professional roles.  She addressed support of individual needs of each infant, toddler, and preschooler while emphasizing collaboration among early childhood stakeholders and families.  Along with Dr. Trivett, a panel of stakeholders presented their perspectives on stimulating and sustaining an intellectual community of learners to effectively implement strategies for working with the early childhood population.  Participants attended as individuals, as a member of their professional team (early childhood teacher, early intervention provider, early childhood special education provider, early childhood administrator, special education administrator), and/or a family member and worked collaboratively each afternoon to develop an action plan they could immediately implement in their respective roles.