Partnership Activity

The Bresnahan-Halstead Center is committed to work for the advancement of knowledge and quality services for people with disabilities through research, professional development, partnership/technical assistance, and scholarships.  As part of this mission, the Center is committed to partnering with professionals and organizations that work with students with disabilities to improve their academic, social, emotional, and vocational outcomes.  To foster such work, the Center makes funding available to support activities that will produce successful collaborative partnerships.

Bright Futures for Northern Colorado DHH Teens and Families

The Bresnahan-Halstead Center partnered with The Poudre School District Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Department and other agencies and businesses in Colorado to offer Bright Futures for Northern Colorado DHH Teens and Families, an event that identified resources and allowed participants to make “a pathway”—an individual plan to successfully transition from school to the world of work and/or postsecondary education/vocation experience based on their participation in “Bright Futures.”  Presentations were given by a panel of speakers who shared their experiences in preschool-12th grade education, post-school education and vocation as well as by individual resource agencies and professionals who work specifically with DHH clients.  The resource fair provided agency information and personal contacts to students and their families.

Instructions for applying for a scholarship: