The IDIT Team - Who are we?

The IDIT team consists of representatives from Information Managment and Technology, IT that are specifically involved in Blackboard Support at UNC and Instructional Designers from Extended Campus and CETL, ID.

Current Members:




Kate Endres

Rachael Armstrong

Robin Weber

Sherri Lancton

Shawna Watson


Desiree Pina

Tiffany Wood


Sam Dong Saul



Team purpose and goal:

The purpose of the team is to collaborate on support, testing, documentation, communication, and user interface for all Blackboard issues. The goal is to provide a seamless support experience for Blackboard users and provide a service to the faculty that can resolve both technical and instructional issues.

Actions to accomplish goal:

  •  IT and ID representatives meet weekly to discuss issues and solutions and create appropriate documentation.
  • The team crafts messages to Blackboard users to inform them of system issues, provide reminders of important dates, and provide hints for effective use of Blackboard.
  • The team supports two websites for student and faculty use. A specific BB Support site contains documentation for both Faculty and Students on use of Blackboard. The SupportU site provides additional detailed documentation on all UNC systems (URSA, Banner, Beardrive, Blackboard, etc.) along with the ability to submit a support request online.
  • Instructional Designers monitor the ticketing system and are assigned support tickets from faculty that involve instructional issues/questions.

Ongoing tasks include:

  • Monitoring tickets to identify recurring issues and provide documentation and training on those topics.
  • Reviewing current TSC Blackboard knowledge base to improve responses to some issues.
  • Add information to the knowledge base to provide a broader range of issues that TSC can handle.

IDIT Family