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IDD - Who are we?

The Instructional Design and Development (IDD) team works with faculty to design and develop online courses to ensure that they incorporate quality standards and use best practices in online learning.

As a full-service design, development and support unit, IDD works directly with faculty translating their teaching activities and instructional design models into online content. This includes everything from the course structure to the way content is presented to how they'll encourage discussion and interaction, establish methods for evaluation, and measure outcomes.

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Sherri Lancton
Instructional Designer
Michener L54


QM - Institutional Representative
QM - Certified Master Reviewer
QM - Certified Trainer
QM - Certified Continuing and Professional Education HE Peer Reviewer

Desiree Pina
Instructional Designer
Michener L54

QM - Certified Peer Reviewer


Samuel Dong Saul
Instructional Designer
Michener L54

Shawna Watson
Instructional Design Assistant
Michener L54


Specific services provided by the IDD team are described below.

Needs assessment

Discuss individual faculty member’s experience with online learning to establish a training plan.

Course design

  • Incorporate Quality Matters standards into course design
    • Format and elements of a comprehensive syllabus
    • Learning objectives that are clear and measurable
    • Learning materials and activities that support objectives
    • Assessments (projects, exams, discussions) that measure the achievement of objectives
  • Work with new or existing online programs offered through Extended Studies to develop a standard look and feel for all courses in the program.  Course development will implement Quality Matters standards and make it easier for new courses to be developed.
  • Plan the course structure and layout
  • Consult on content creation and design (converting content to online environment)
  • Consult on visual imagery
  • Create interactive content
  • Recommend use of appropriate development tools for content delivery
  • Recommend training (if needed) on specific Blackboard features and tools

Course development

  • Provide consulting and coaching on structuring a course and uploading content
  • Provide course template, course structure and upload course content for online degrees where needed, including support to load exam questions, course copy edit support, link checking, etc.
  • Assist in the use of tools evaluated by IDIT and supported by IT to develop content
  • Work with faculty course developers to apply Quality Matters principles to course development
  • Identify and coordinate use of other resources for course production

Course maintenance

  • For existing Extended Studies online degrees, provide faculty with assistance in course updating, link checking, moving to new template models, loading semester evaluation link, etc.

UNCOnline Orientation Resources to Support Course Development

  • Provide faculty with the opportunity to take an online course that introduces them to the major elements of online learning, creating a resource repository for online instructors teaching through Extended Studies.
  • Introduce faculty to differences in the online teaching process from face to face teaching.
  • Assist with content and organization of new UNCOnline website in terms of resources for faculty and students.

User Support

  • Collaborate with Information Technology to ensure that useful and accurate support materials are available for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Create, manage, and maintain user documentation available on the Blackboard Support website.
  • Create classroom materials and exercises for classes for faculty about online learning.
  • Offer an Orientation to Online Learning for students enrolled in UNC online courses.
  • Serve as a Blackboard Educational Administrator to assist faculty with course design and development and assist with solving support tickets related to instructional needs.
  • Work with IT to build a comprehensive support model that includes not only strict technical support but also instructional support.
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty and Information Technology technical support.