CollageWelcome to the faculty support page for online learning!  The menu at the left provides access to various resources to help you design and develop your online courses.

  • New to online learning?  Choose Planning Your Online Course to learn more about online learning and access an Instructor Toolkit to help you in your planning process.  You might also want to sign up for our online course: Faculty Orientation to Online Learning.
  • Experienced online faculty? Use the Quick Reference Guides Alphabetic for fast access to all the support documents or the Learning by Purpose which organizes topics logically by function.
  • Interested in improving your online courses? Quality Matters provides an excellent set of standards for improving the quality of online courses.  It can serve as a “checklist” for new course development or course revision. See our Quality Matters page for more information.

The Role of the Instructional Designer

Because online learning requires a different type of planning and involves the use of technology, many faculty members work with an instructional designer to help them develop online courses. UNC Online offers instructional design services to any faculty member who would like assistance in designing and developing online courses. Instructional designers do not "write" your course for you. Instead they work with you to define the goals and objectives of the course and plan the best way to achieve these objectives in an online environment.  To schedule an appointment with an Instructional Designer, pleases send an email to:

For more information checkout the Instructional Design and Development (IDD) link on the left navigation panel.