Blackboard Tips for Faculty and Staff

More to Come

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#5 - Emailing from the Grade Center


Did you know you can email students right from the Grade Center in Blackboard?  In addition to grades, the Grade Center shows the last date that students logged in and whether they have submitted assignments or not.  It is easy to send an email to students who have low grades or are late with assignments by selecting the check box next to their names in the Grade Center and choosing Email Selected Users

#4 - The easy way to create tests in Blackboard!


If you contact IDD, we will send you a Word document with the correct format.  Type your True/False or Multiple Choice questions into the document and send it back to us.  We will upload the questions to your Blackboard course using Respondus.  Please send questions one week in advance of the quiz date.

What could take you hours to type directly into Blackboard, can be done in 5 minutes! We work with existing Word documents and publisher test banks. Please contact us, we can save you time! Email IDD.

Key formatting items:

  • Asterisk * placed in front of the correct response.

#3- Blackboard Mobile Learn App


Did you know that Blackboard Mobile Learn is available at UNC? Mobile learn is designed to provide students and instructors instant access to their courses via their mobile devices; however, there are strengths and limitations to the app. To learn more visit the Blackboard Mobile website.


#2- Blackboard Collaborate a Virtual Classroom Tool


Blackboard Collaborate provides a synchronous virutal meeting room that can be used to host sessions such as webinars, guest speakers, or virtual office hours in any Blackboard course. To learn more about session set-up, loading content, file sharing, application overview and other features sign up for a workshop offered by the Instructional Design and Development team.


#1- Copy a Course from One Semester to the Next


The most efficient way to copy a course from one semester to the next is to use the Control Panel, Packages and Utilities, and use the Select All button to copy everything in the course. Just be sure to only do this once or you'll end up with duplicates.

See the Course Copy Quick Reference Guide for full instructions.