Best Way to Get Technical and Instructional Design Support

Instructional Designers and Technical Support Center (TSC) have teamed up to provide a Blackboard Support model assisting faculty with Blackboard technical problems and instructional help. 

Calls concerning Blackboard support to the TSC 1-800-545-2331 or (970-351-4357) will be recorded and immediately assigned to the best resource to resolve the issue.


Known Issue- 5/22/2015

Google has recently changed the way that YouTube videos can be searched, which has caused a Known Issue in Blackboard when searching for a video using the YouTube Mashup tool in a content area and in the text editor. It is also causing a problem if you are trying to Browse YouTube Videos from the webcam icon in the text editor.
Searching for a YouTube video returns a message "YouTube is upgrading to a newer version which is not supported by this device or app."

There are two ways to include YouTube content in a Blackboard course until this issue is resolved. The easiest method is to provide a web link to the video. The second method is to manually embed a YouTube video using the html editor in the text editor.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Embed a Youtube- PDF