Current Students


Doctoral Students

Abbie Ferris M.S.

Research Interests

Abbie is currently working with Dr. Smith in the area of amputee research. Her research motivation is to better understand amputee gait and improve functional ability. Currently she is investigating the biomechanical differences between a traditional transtibial amputation and an osteomyoplastic amputation (Ertl). She is specifically interested in identifying how this population performs sit-to-stand tasks and curb negotiation.


Kevin Dames M.S.

Research Interests

Kevin Dames’ research interests are related to the influences of novel conditions (e.g. footwear, gradient, fatigue) on running gait and economy. His current project is focused on the effects of load carriage on walking kinematics and economy. In the future, he would like to include lower limb amputees and investigate how they cope with running and load carriage tasks.


Barbara Schornstein M.S.

Research Interests

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science at Hope College in Holland, Michigan where I ran for the cross country and track teams, and my Masters of Science at Ball State University in Exercise Science with a concentration in Biomechanics.  My thesis was entitled, “Biomechanical adjustments over time of an exhaustive run: comparison of compression tights and running shorts” and studied the effects of full length compression tights on five-kilometer running performance.  My research interests lie in running training and performance as well as running shoe design.  In the future I would like to teach and coach running at the collegiate level.


Masters Students

Anastacia Fraijo B.S.


Brian Garcia B.S.


Kory Herber B.S.


Michael Martin B.S.


Robert Pulliam B.S.


Grace Rhodehouse B.S.


Nikki Sotelo B.S.