Gait Laboratory

The Gait Lab is dedicated to the study of locomotion in a variety of populations. We have recently undergone a large renovation to build a state of the art laboratory. To see the progress of the renovation, visit the gallery page.

Current Research

We currently have several research studies ongoing in the lab.

Ertl Project
Lower Extremity Inertial Manipulation
Postural Stability
Dynamic Stability

Facility and Equipment


Now that renovations have been completed, please take a moment to see the fun equipment we have to collect and process our data!

10 camera VICON motion capture system
Instrumented AMTI tandem belt treadmill
AMTI force plate


Tekscan F-Scan system with F-socket
16-channel Delsys telemetered EMG system



8-channel Delsys tethered EMG system
BIODEX3 isokinetic Dynamometer



Metabolic Cart



Timing gate system
Oscillation rack for measurement of prosthesis inertial properties