Recently, our lab has undergone some big changes! We went from having a classroom that doubled as a lab to getting some major improvements thanks to a grant written by Drs. Jeremy Smith and Gary Heise and other colleagues in Exercise Science (Drs. Hydock & Schneider). Here are some photos of the renovation:

From Classroom to Lab Space


Gunter Hall originally housed the men's and women's gyms. The original gym floor was found under the classroom floor!


lab renovation

We have the key in the lab!

The new floor (and who doesn't have a pile of "stuff" after moving?)

It's coming along!


New 3D motion capture:

The new lab was outfitted with a 10 camera Vicon motion capture system.

In addition, we also have a digital video camera to capture video simultaneously with the motion capture.


Preparing for the instrumented treadmill

We also installed an instrumented AMTI tandem belt treadmill.

During renovation a separate foundation was laid for the treadmill.

The treadmill is finally installed!


Finally done:

After the treadmill installation, and a fresh coat of paint, the lab is ready for some action!

Data collection workstation

AMTI Instrumented Treadmill


Biodex and extra workstation