Biology Minor Program

A biology minor is ideal for students who are majoring in another discipline but who also want a level of expertise in the biological sciences.

Common major + biology minor combinations include:

  • Chemistry major + biology minor
  • Psychology major + biology minor
  • Kinesiology major + biology minor

To fullfil a biology minor, 20 credits of biology course work must be completed with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA for those courses. Both BIO 110 (Principles of Biology) and BIO 111 (Survey of Organismal Biology) are required for the biology minor. An additional 12 credit hours must be completed from a list of core biology courses. See the UNC Catalog for more details.

To declare a biology minor, you will need to complete the major/minor change form available at the UNC Registrar Office web site.

The academic advisor for biology minors is Dr. Judy Leatherman (, Ross Hall room 2510, telephone: 970-351-2453.