A Bit About My Personal Life

I grew up in Iowa (Cedar Rapids) and attended a small liberal arts university, Upper Iowa, where I became active in a variety of school activities and proposed to my future wife.

My family now consists of five: my wonderfully supportive wife, Deanna, two beautiful daughters, Jenna (my oldest) and Alyssa, and our australian shepherd, Jazz.

My hobbies outside of the university generally revolve around my family, but I also enjoy woodworking and anything outdoors when I get a chance.

Jenna and Alyssa, ages 9 and 5, respectively (12/17/01)
A bit of snow in Memphis
Alyssa at violin recital
Jenna playing soccer for Lobos
Jenna and Jazz at Ft. Donaldson , TN
Jenna, senior year - fall 2009
Jenna, Year 1 at U Montana (August 2010)
Alyssa playing with Barrage - NOV 2011
Alyssa at a Stanford workshop with her old teacher from Memphis - August 2011
Deanna and I relaxing along Lake Thun in Switzerland - 2010
Deanna and I enjoying a wonderful meal at Gold Hill Inn
My nephew (Quinn) and niece (Hannah) with their cousins Jen and Alyssa along the southern Oregon coast - 2011
Alyssa and Jazz - Summer 2011
Alyssa Rockin' the House - Senior picture, 2013
Fiddle joins our family - 2013
Jenna exploring
Franklin at Thanksgiving 2013
Alyssa at a DYAO concert- 2013
Enjoying a medieval brew in Tallin - 2013