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Contact: Dr. Ginger Fisher, 970-351-2210 (telephone), (e-mail)

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About the Program

The Master’s in Biomedical Science (MBS) degree is designed to provide academic enhancement for talented students who already possess an undergraduate degree in the sciences and who want to improve their future application to a professional or other graduate school. The one year MBS program provides a foundation in various basic biological subjects that underly and support medical and other professional school curricula. The MBS program is appropriate for students preparing graduate health programs such as medical, veterinary, dental, physician assistant, pharmacy, optometry, or other biomedically related doctoral programs.  A major goal of the program is to allow students a tangible mechanism to demonstrate high-level academic achievement while taking a full load of rigorous and challenging courses. Success in such an educational scenario (analogous to what the student would encounter in professional school) can support and improve the success of subsequent professional school applications.

MBS class of 2013
At graduation with Dr. Fisher

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Program Highlights

  • Past MBS students have earned acceptances and/or interviews at the following health professional schools:
  • University of Colorado School of Medicine University of California Irvine School of Medicine
    Western University of Health Sciences The Commonwealth Medical College
    Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Creighton University School of Medicine Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
    Oakland Univ. William Beaumont School of Med. Florida Atlantic Univ. C.E. Schmidt College of Med.
    University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine Roseman Univ. Health Science College of Dental Med.
    Texas Wesleyan Grad. Prog. Nurse Anesthesia Loma Linda University School of Dentistry
    Midwestern Univ. College of Dental Medicine St. George’s University School of Medicine
    Univ. Texas Health Science Center School of Dentistry A.T. Still Univ. Osteopathic Medicine, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health
  • Students in the MBS program have seen an increase in their overall MCAT scores and an average of a 1.5 increase in their Biological Sciences scores.
  • UNC offers small class sizes with faculty who are experts in the areas they teach.
  • The program includes two semesters of advanced and intensive coursework that will result in a Master’s in Biomedical Science degree.
  • The broad curriculum is suitable for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician’s assistant, and other biomedical programs.
  • UNC has close ties to Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, including campus visits and individual consultations with admissions officers.
  • The program provides personal attention from faculty and individual advising in a friendly academic atmosphere.
  • UNC is located in Greeley, Colorado, which provides a small town atmosphere with a low cost of living yet is easily accessible to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
  • The program is limited to 24 students which provides a sense of community and allows for individual attention from faculty.

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The University is presently offering five scholarships at $6000 each. These are merit-based and will be competitive, so be sure to apply early to be considered for these!

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MBS program curriculum (30 credits, minimum)

Required courses (17 credits)

Course title Course # Credits Semester
Biomedicine and Careers BIO 502 1 Fall
Molecular Genetics BIO 525 3 Fall/Spr
Molecular and Cellular Lab BIO 542 2 Fall/Spr
Mammalian Physiology I BIO 552 3 Fall
Mammalian Physiology II BIO 553 3 Spr
Cellular Physiology BIO 550 3 Fall/Spr
Foundations of Clinical Research BIO 596 2 Spr
Exit examination   0 Spr

Elective courses (13 credits, minimum)

Course title Course # Credits Semester
Developmental Biology BIO 528 3 Spr
Advanced Human Anatomy BIO 541 3 Fall
Pathogenic Microbiology BIO 545 3 Spr
Immunology and Disease BIO 547 4 Fall
Virology BIO 548 3 Fall
Reproductive and Developmental Biology BIO 555 3 Fall
Pharmacology BIO 576 3 Fall
Mammalian Endocrinology BIO 580 3 Spr
Neurobiology BIO 581 3 Fall
Cancer Biology BIO 582 3 Spr

Complete course descriptions can be found in the UNC catalog. Some substitutions may be possible in keeping with the substitution policy.


Gabby -- MBS program, class of 2012 (now in medical school)

GabbyI definitely think this program helped me strengthen my application to medical school. It really let me develop my passion for sciences and allowed me to explore aspects of biology I would not have normally. The faculty really make this program. They were so helpful! They really cared for me as an individual. I connected with them, and they helped me succeed in the program and in getting into medical school.

Randy -- MBS program, class of 2012 (now in medical school)

RandyAfter beginning a different graduate program that would not provide the necessary courses to improve my application to medical school, I applied to the MBS program. Upon arrival at UNC I knew this program would be a perfect fit for me. The professors and the material covered in the program definitely increased my knowledge in the biomedical sciences and mimicked professional school far more than an undergraduate pre-health program. Anyone looking to increase their competitiveness or knowledge in the field would do well to join the family at UNC.

Penny -- MBS Program, class of 2013

PennyThe MBS program at UNC is a great opportunity to work with faculty who are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and concerned about developing individuals who will succeed. This includes inside the classroom and outside. The MBS program can help you improve your academic record, strengthen your application, and gain knowledge that will prepare you for the materials presented by professional schools. This program has been paramount in my preparation for medical school and has given me extreme confidence in myself. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking about applying to a professional school, or even looking for a challenging Masters that will prepare them for careers in research, industry and beyond.