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Animal Communication and Social Behavior

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Fall 2017:

Bio 111 - Survey of Organismal Biology (Lecture and lab)

A survey of all living organisms focusing on diversity, life cycles, structure and function, ecology and evolutionary relationships.

Bio 438/538 - Ornithology (Lecture and lab)

Study of the general biology of birds. Students completing the course will be able to identify orders and families of birds, recognize local species, understand evolutionary relationships between taxonomic groups, be familiar with avian anatomy and physiology, and know the diversity of avian ecological and behavioral traits.

If you are enrolled in either of these classes you can find course materials through the UNC Canvas site.

Previously taught:

Bio 102 - Success in Biology

An introduction to the major in Biological Sciences.

Bio 362 - Principles of Animal Behavior (Lecture and lab)

An introduction to the subject of animal behavior from an evolutionary perspective. General topics include: mechanisms that generate behavior (neural, hormonal and genetic), the development of behavior, behavioral adaptations for survival, behavioral adaptations for mating, and the evolution of behavior.

Bio 560 - Behavioral Ecology

Study of the principles of behavioral ecology, including the evolutionary basis of behavior, economic models of behavior, interspecific interactions, and social behavior.

Bio 563 - Animal Communication

Study of the principles of animal communication. Topics include signal modalities, signal design and signal evolution.

Bio 591 - Biology Roundtable

Discussion of current topics in Biology

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