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NHS awards 2012
Biology Faculty and Staff Win 2012 College Awards
(Left to right: Dr. Higgins, teaching; Cindy Budde, support staff; Dr. Benedict, research mentor; Dr. Reinsvold, advising).

Meet the biology faculty, staff & postdocs

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School committee assignments

School Evaluation Committee

Chair: Franklin     Assistant Chairs: Leatherman, Mackessy
Duties include coordinating the faculty evaluation process and nominating faculty for awards.

MS and PhD committee

Chair: McGlaughlin     Members: Leatherman, Mackessy, DeChenne
Duties include MS and PhD curriculum, recruitment, applications, fellowships/scholarships, and other duties associated with the MS and PhD programs.

MBS committee

Chair: Fisher     Members: DeKrey, Gardiner, Thomas
Duties include MBS curriculum, recruitment, applications, fellowships/scholarships, and other duties associated with the MBS program.

Undergraduate committee

Chair: Benedict    Members: Franklin, Gomez, Haughian, Hawkinson
Duties include undergraduate curriculum, recruitment, scholarships, preview days, Biology club advising (Amoeba and Tri Beta) and other duties associated with our undergraduate programs and students.

Undergraduate advising committee

Chair: Gardiner     Members: Skufca, Reinsvold, Hawkinson
Duties include updating advising documents, group advising, and other duties associated with undergraduate advising.

Social committee

Chair: Higgins    Members: Budde, Olimpo, graduate student representative
Duties include planning and implementing social activities, gifts, etc for the school and nominating staff for awards, etc.

Assessment committee

Chair: Adams     Members: Burns, Frietze, Skufca
Duties include program review and working with TracDat and other procedures to improve theassessment of our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Website committee

Chair: DeKrey
Duties include improving and updating the School website, catalog, public relations, and other forms of advertisement.

Individual assignments

  • Alpine Gardens - Reinsvold
  • Biology Club - Haughian
  • Biology minor advising - Leatherman
  • Greenhouse - Franklin
  • Herbarium - McGlaughlin
  • Library representative - Hawkinson
  • Museum - Benedict
  • Non-thesis Master's advisor - Gardiner, Reinsvold
  • Pre-health advisor - Fisher, Skufca
  • Student athlete advisor - Burns
  • Student teacher coordination, evaluation of applications for licensure, PTEP etc. - Reinsvold
  • Summer advising - Skufca
  • Tribeta advising - Thomas
  • Undergraduate transfer evaluation - Skufca
  • Graduate student representative - Ryan Fuller

College committees

  • NHS Curriculum Committee - Leatherman
  • NHS Policy and Procedures Committee—Thomas
  • NHS Awards Committee—Higgins

University-wide service

  • Board of Athletic Control - Fisher
  • Faculty Grievance Committee - DeKrey
  • Faculty Senate — Franklin (2012-2015), Gardiner (2012-2015)
  • IACUC — DeKrey, Mackessy, Thomas
  • Research Advisory Council — Mackessy, Keenan
  • ROTC Advisory Board - Fisher
  • Undergraduate Council, NHS Representative — Fisher (2011-2014)