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Full-time faculty

Name and contact information Research areas Teaching areas
Rick AdamsRick Adams
Ross 1540
970-351-2057 (Tel)
Bat population and community dynamics; Ontogeny and ecomorphology of flight in bats. General biology;
Life science concepts; Ecology;
Lauryn BenedictLauryn Benedict
Assistant Professor
Ross 2546
970-351-3364 (Tel)
Animal communication and social behavior. Ornithology. Animal Behavior;
Organismal Biology;
Patrick BurnsPatrick Burns
Assistant Professor
Ross 1516
970-351-2695 (Tel)
Prostaglandin metabolism in reproductive tissues. Endocrinology;
Cell physiology;
Anatomy & Physiology
SueEllen DeChenneSueEllen DeChenne
Assistant Professor
Ross 2570
970-351-2004 (Tel)
Biology education, teaching and learning in large classroom environments, classroom-based research experience, student argumentation Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular Research Techniques, College Biology Pedagogy
Gregory DeKreyGregory DeKrey
Associate Professor
Ross 2516
970-351-2493 (Tel)
Drug and chemical toxicology; Immune regulation and disease resistance Pharmacology;
Cell biology
Ginger FisherGinger Fisher
MBS Program Coordinator
Ross 1526
970-351-2210 (Tel)
Marine biology General biology;
Scientific writing
Scott FranklinScott Franklin
Associate Professor
Ross 1510
970-351-2650 (Tel)
Plant community responses to environmental disturbance; Flood and fire ecology. Ecology;
Organismal biology;
Scientific writing
Karen GomezKaren Gomez
Assistant Professor
Ross 1550
970-351-2555 (Tel)
Plant biology including genomics, physiology, plant-insect interactions, and mycorrhizal symbiosis. Plant physiology.
James HaughianJames Haughian
Ross 1546
970-351-2716 (Tel)
  General biology.
Andrea Hartsock-JamesAndrea Hartsock-James
Assistant Professor
Ross 2536
  Cell Biology
Emily HoltEmily Holt
Associate Professor
Ross 2520
Ann HawkinsonAnn Hawkinson
Ross 1530
970-351-1176 (Tel)
Virus: host interactions in small mammals and the immune response to infection. Bacteriology research related to the development of anti-cancer therapy. General biology;
Teresa HigginsTeresa Higgins
Associate Professor
Ross 2526
970-351-2617 (Tel)
Elementary Science and Biology Education Elementary science methods; Principles of scientific inquiry;
K-12 science curriculum
Susan KeenanSusan Keenan
School Director, Associate Professor
Ross 2480c
970-351-2510 (Tel)
Computational methodologies applied to the discovery of novel antimalarial and antiviral compounds Bioinformatics;
Molecular genetics;
Cell physiology
Judith LeathermanJudith Leatherman
Associate Professor
Ross 2510
970-351-2453 (Tel)
Molecular mechanisms of stem cell regulation Genetics;
Developmental biology
Steve MackessyStephen Mackessy
Ross 2540
970-351-2429 (Tel)
Herpetology and population ecology/ genetics; Venom biochemistry and biological role. Herpetology;
Comp. vertebrate morphology
Mitchell McGlaughlinMitchell McGlaughlin
Associate Professor
Ross 1560
970-351-2139 (Tel)
Plant phylogeography and adaptive evolution; Conservation genetics; Plant speciation. Population Genetics;
Plant systematics;
Evolution; Species and speciation
Melanie PefferMelanie Peffer
Assistant Professor
Ross 1556
Nicholas PullenNicholas Pullen
Assistant Professor
Ross 2550
  Mammalian Physiology
Robert ReinsvoldRobert Reinsvold
Associate Professor
Ross 1536
970-351-3076 (Tel)
Mycology/fungal ecology, botanical education, teacher preparation. Biological education; Ecology;
Evolution; Organismal biology;
Morphology of Algae & Fungi
Mark ThomasMark Thomas
Associate Professor
Ross 2530
970-351-2329 (Tel)
Neurobiology of brain dopamine systems; schizophrenia; Parkinson's disease. Anatomy & Physiology;
Mammalian physiology;

Part-time faculty, Emeritus faculty, and Postdocs

John Doherty
Part-time Lecturer
Warren BussWarren Buss
Emeritus faculty
Expertise: Plant physiology
Donald Hazlett
Part-time Lecturer
Margaret HeimbrookMargaret Heimbrook
Emeritus faculty
Expertise: Microbiology
Kate Williamson
Part-time Lecturer
Kathleen JonesKathleen Jones
Emeritus faculty
Expertise: Anatomy & physiology
Charles OlmsteadHeather Rudolph
Ross Hall ????
Charles OlmsteadCharles Olmstead
Emeritus faculty
Expertise: Environmental studies
  Gerry SaundersGerald Saunders
Emeritus faculty
Expertise: Biological education
  Kitty GardinerCatherine Gardiner
Emeritus faculty
Expertise: Reproductive toxicology