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Fluoview Start-Up Procedure:

  1. Turn on Mercury Burner Power Supply Unit* for conventional fluorescence observation.
  2. Turn on LG-PS2 light source
  3. Turn on Blue 488 nm Argon Laser:
    1. The Argon Laser Power Supply switch (small black on/off switch) should already be in “l” position. If it is not, switch the Argon Power Supply on (push switch to the “l” position). Cooling fan on the laser will still be quiet.
    2. Start the Argon laser by turning the key from the “Off” to the “ON” position and then to "Start". When you release the key it will automatically return to the "ON” position. You should hear the cooling fan on the laser now. The laser will begin emission in about 45 seconds.
  4. Turn on Green 543 nm HeNe Laser:
    Turn key on (“l” position).
  5. Turn on Red 633 nm HeNe Laser
    Turn key on (“l” position).
  6. Turn on Fluoview Control Unit power.
  7. Turn on Monitor power.
  8. Turn on Computer:
    1. Turn on Computer power and wait for boot-up.
    2. Press CNTL / ALT / DEL and enter your password for access to the NT menu.
    3. Double Click left on the blue Fluoview shortcut icon to open Fluoview menu.

Fluoview Shut-Down Procedures:

  1. Shut-down the computer:
    1. Click on "X" located in lower left tool bar to exit Fluoview software. Be sure to save new or modified images before exiting.
    2. Click on the “Start” menu located at the bottom left of the screen and select the “Shutdown” option.
    3. A message will appear indicating that the computer may be turned off.
  2. Turn off monitor.
  3. Turn off Fluoview Control Unit power.
  4. Turn off Argon 488 nm laser:
    1. Turn Argon laser key to "OFF" position. The cooling fan will remain on for about 5 minutes and then will automatically shut off.
    2. The Argon Laser Power Supply does not need to be turned off since the cooling fan and laser are controlled through the Argon Laser key.
  5. Turn off green 543 nm HeNe laser:
    Turn key off (“O” position).
  6. Turn off red 633 nm HeNe laser:
    Turn key off (“O” position).
  7. Turn off Mercury Burner Power Supply Unit.*

* The Mercury Burner Power Supply should be turned on first, before any other electronics, and turned of last after all other electronics have been turned off. Ignition of the Mercury Burner when other electronics are on may cause a power surge that could damage other electronic components, especially the computer and Fluoview control unit.

Wait at least 15 minutes before you turn burner off. Once the mercury burner has been switch off, do not re-ignite the burner for at least 15 minutes to allow the burner time to cool.

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