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EMS 550 Sputter Coater
Normal Operating Instructions


a. Press the stop button at any time to abort the run.
b. Do not touch gold target attached to lid.
c. Normal Operating Parameters* (~15nm Coat), Deposition current-25mA, Deposition time-2 min.

Turn power on. Right rear.

  1. Open Argon tank valve. On top of the tank.
  2. Open line valve on the output of the Argon regulator.
  3. Open sputter coater lid.
  4. Place samples on stage.
  5. Close and center the sputter coater lid.
  6. Press start.
    1. Vacuum pump will start.
    2. When chamber has pumped down to 1X10-1 mbar (<2min.), Argon will begin to bleed into chamber for 15sec.
    3. Sputtering will begin and last for 2min. You will see a blue plasma between gold target and sample stage.
    4. At the end of 2min. the chamber will backfill with Argon.
    5. Sputtering cycle is over.
  7. Lift sputter coater lid.
  8. Remove samples.
  9. Close Argon tank valve.
  10. Close line valve.

* If you need change the program for other than normal settings, please reset program back to normal settings.

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