Why should I submit a report?

  • Because we will address your report personally and respond with support that strives for the most positive outcome possible.
  • Because Colorado law states that every individual or corporation who has reasonable grounds to believe a crime has been committed has a duty to report the suspected crime to law enforcement authorities (Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-8-115). See: Bias-motivated crimes
  • Because reports you make could quite easily be about situations within the University where we "just aren't getting it" about a situation, issue, or concern and in fact we are a part of the problem, or even the cause. We recognize this and are open to scrutinizing ourselves to become better.
  • Because the person who experienced the bias motivated behavior can be connected with appropriate and supportive campus resources.
  • Because the information we receive can create positive change at UNC through education, awareness of difference, and programming.
  • Because we are dedicated to being a bias free campus!