Report a Bias Motivated Incident

There are three ways you can report a bias-motivated incident that you have witnessed or experienced:

  1. Contact the Dean of Students Office/Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at (970) 351-2001
  2. Visit us in person at Decker Hall, across from Tobey-Kendel Dining Hall
  3. Submit an online report

There is no statute of limitations on Bias Motivated Incidents at UNC. An investigation can be opened at any time based on the reporting and/or harmed party/parties wishes and on whether new evidence becomes available. UNC does not limit the time frame for reporting, although a delay in reporting may impact the University's ability to take certain actions.

What should I include in my report?

  • Name and contact information of all parties involved
    • If you do not have contact information for the individuals/group engaging in bias motivated behavior, we will not be able to initiate an investigation of the behavior. The incident will be shared and documented as “information only” and used to inform campus climate initiatives.
    • If you would like to remain anonymous, please indicate your preference on the incident report form.
  • As much detail about the incident as you can share from your perspective.


Report a bias incident