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The below content is intended to be a helpful guide to BearMail at the University of Northern Colorado.†

The links are provided for ease of moving through the document to quickly access the information.

How do I log into BearMail?

The website used to access BearMail is http://bears.unco.edu.† The login ID is your Personal Digital Identity (PDID), followed by @bears.unco.edu (such as smit1234@bears.unco.edu).† The password is the same password used to access Ursa, Blackboard, etc.† Click here for more information.

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Can I automatically forward e-mails from BearMail to a different e-mail address?

No. Automatic forwarding is unsupported.

Experience has shown that e-mail messages automatically forwarded from BearMail to studentsí accounts at Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and other third-party providers frequently are blocked by spam filters and students never see the messages. Additionally, e-mail will be one of several methods used to communicate critical information to members of the campus community in the event of a major emergency. Keeping e-mails within UNCís communication infrastructure greatly reduces the risk of students not receiving important information on topics ranging from the availability of electronic monthly bills and financial aid, to class cancellations and changes in assignments

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What are the size limitations, and will I be warned when I am over limits?

You will still receive warnings when your account approaches its maximum quota, but because the quota will be significantly larger than it is in the current BearMail, you wonít receive warnings nearly as often.† The mailbox is allotted 10 GB of storage!† An easy way to manage this storage is to use BearDrive for all large file attachments.† To see more details about BearDrive, be sure to check out the BearDrive articles under BearDrive Support.

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Can I change my password through the BearMail system?

Passwords must be changed through the "I want to reset my password" utility on Ursa. Simply click on the I want to reset my password link on the URSA and select the student account button. You will then be walked through the password reset utility.

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How long will deleted items be retained before being removed from BearMail?

The deleted item retention period will be 14 days. After that date the deleted items will not be recoverable.

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What is Spamming?

Spamming is sending out mass amounts of unsolicited email.† Spamming using UNC email accounts is against UNC's Email Procedures and repeated instances by a user will result in cancellation of their account.††††

Additional unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Using email for any purpose which violates federal or state laws.
  • Using email for commercial purposes.
  • Misrepresenting your identity or affiliation in email communication.
  • Sending harassing, intimidating, abusive or offensive material.
  • Using someone else's identity and password.
  • Causing congestion on the network by such things as the propagation of "chain letters," broadcasting inappropriate messages to lists or individuals, or excessive use of the shared data store of the email post office.

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What is Phishing?

Phishing is the act of attempting to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information such as passwords and credit card details via deception by sending emails to potential victims that masquerade as being from an official-looking entity like a Bank or Credit Card provider.

Some of the latest Phishing scams to hit UNC have been:

Bank of Oklahoma

Subjects like:

Customer Alerting Service: Account confirmation required.

Unlook your Online Banking account

MBNA Internet Banking

Subjects like:

Security Notice #291240 MBNA Internet Banking account Update Necesary!

You will notice the misspellings like "Unlook" or "Necesary" and these are probably not because the spammers are stupid (which some may argue), they are usually purposely used to beat anti-spam filters looking for specific words. Eventually our SPAM filtering devices will tune to these new scams and block them, but spammers are continually updating their emails to temporarily beat filtering so it is up to the students to use common sense about the messages that do get through. A few tips to keep you from getting burned by these schemes:

NEVER give out personal data unless the contact has been initiated by you and do not trust any banking or financial requests for information from emails that solicit you for this no matter how legitimate they look.

ALWAYS make sure any online transactions involving your personal information or credit card information have a URL that begins with httpS - which means your data is traveling through an encrypted SSL tunnel over the internet and if it is intercepted by sniffing or otherwise - the culprits will not be able to read the data and get your information.

Links to Phishing information:



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Can I use e-mail software in conjunction with BearMail?

There are several programs which have compatibility with the Exchange Labs system, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and MacMail.† For specifics on how to use these programs, please visit the Exchange Labs detailed setup instructions found at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchangelabshelp/bb880048.aspx, and use the instructions for connecting through the appropriate service.

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Can I connect my Mobile Smartphone to BearMail?

Microsoft has a web setup wizard to assist with connecting your BearMail account to a Smartphone click this link for details:https://uncoit.atlassian.net/wiki/x/dwF5AQ

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Does my Calendar work for meeting appointments?

There is the ability within the calendar function of BearMail to schedule meetings with other users.† Specifics on the job aid for Calendar use can be found at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchangelabshelp/ms.exch.owap.calendarpremium.aspx.

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If I have issues with the system, how do I get support?

Contact the Technical Support Center at 970-351-HELP (351-4357), or submit an online ticket at http://www.unco.edu/it/supportu.htm.†

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How long do I get to use my BearMail account

Active students receive BearMail accounts once they are accepted to the University. Students retain access to BearMail as long as they are actively enrolled in classes. Inactive student BearMail accounts will be deleted after a student has not attended classes for three terms. Almuni who graduate with their graduate or undergraduate degrees retain the BearMail accounts for life.

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I am an Alumni, so can I get a BearMail account?

Students who graduated AFTER 2006 already have BearMail accounts. Simply utilize the "I want to reset my password" utility on Ursa to begin using your account. Students who graduated prior to 2006 are not eligible for BearMail accounts.

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Does my e-mail address change after I graduate?

BearMail addresses do not change after you graduate. You will continue to use your @bears.unco.edu account (such as smit1234@bears.unco.edu). Once you graduate your BearMail account also receives an alias of @bearsalumni.unco.edu so you can receive e-mails from either @bears.unco.edu or @bearsalumni.unco.edu. However, you must authenticate with your @bears.unco.edu username.

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Can I receive e-mail addressed to my username @unco.edu?

No. You can no longer receive e-mail addressed to your username @unco.edu (such as smit1234@unco.edu). E-mail must be addressed to your @bears.unco.edu account.

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