Why There’s No Automatic Forwarding Feature

The omission of an auto-forwarding function in BearMail is in response to UNCís increasing reliance on e-mail to efficiently and effectively communicate important information to students on subjects ranging from the availability of their monthly electronic bills* and financial aid awards to class cancellations, course assignment changes.

Additionally, e-mail will be one of several methods used to communicate critical information to members of the campus community in the event of a major emergency.

Experience has shown that e-mails automatically forwarded from BearMail to studentsí accounts at Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and other third-party providers frequently are blocked by spam filters and students never see the messages.

BearMail is the official means of electronic communication with students at UNC. The university has the right to expect that communications sent to a studentís BearMail account will be received and read in a timely fashion. Failure to do so does not absolve the student from the responsibilities associated with e-mail sent to the student's official e-mail address.

A better BearMail is part of a broad effort to update and improve communication systems, procedures and policies at the University of Northern Colorado.

*Visit the EBill site for more information.