Your UNC Email

BearMail is the official means of electronic communication with students at UNC and important information such as course assignment changes, financial aid notifications and emergency messages are sent to you via BearMail.

Students : Your BearMail address suffix is: and when you log on to BearMail you must enter your ENTIRE address.


  1. To log into your BearMail account you will need to sign in using your Ursa username and password. If you have not activated your Ursa account you will need to go to the Ursa login page and click on the "I need to activate my account" link.
  2. To use your BearMail account log on at

BearMail features include:

  • 25 GB of E-mail storage
  • Easy-to-use address book/contacts and calendar functions
  • Worldwide SPAM filtering service
  • Modern graphic user interface and enhanced customization capabilities
  • E-mail accounts for life for UNC Alumni

BearMail does not include the capability for automatic forwarding of all incoming messages.

OneDrive features include:

  • Document Sharing
  • 25GB of storage shared with your E-mail
  • Online file collaboration with OneDrive

Click here for more information about BearMail and OneDrive