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This year, the number of Bear Tuesday donors doubled and together invested 75% more life-changing funding for Bears. Supporters raised over $12,000 for student scholarships, academic programs, and the new Campus Commons!

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this record-breaking Bear Tuesday!

Donations of all sizes from alumni and friends of UNC combine to give students life-changing educational opportunties. Make a gift at any time to open new doors of opportunity for UNC students.

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Research and Innovation by Bears

Research at UNC

Research at UNC

UNC’s faculty and students study, explore, grow and experience through horizon-expanding research. Students deepen their learning through internships, student teaching, fieldwork, student mentoring, clinical placement programs and research. The programs involved all share a common theme of promoting human understanding and enriching lives globally.

  • With a 16:1 Student-to-Faculty ratio, students receive remarkable attention and access to research opportunities

Redefining Therapy

At the UNC Cancer Rehabilitation Institute, Associate Professor Reid Hayward and his colleagues and students study effects of exercise on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, improving quality of life and showing the cardioprotective benefits of exercise in countering the side effects of chemo.

  • Research initiatives by the UNCCRI have produced over 100 peer reviewed publications

Redefining Therapy

Innovation at UNC

Innovation at UNC

A UNC education is hands-on – in the classroom, the laboratory and the field. Here, learning stimulates the mind and awakens creativity. UNC’s office of Innovation Development and Enterprise Advancement (IDEA), which helps UNC innovators get their ideas into the marketplace, Innovation@UNC, which has created 13 new UNC programs, and UNC BizHub, an incubator for educational and entrepreneurial services to help build sustainable businesses, are all part of UNC's continued focus on innovation.

  • 3 university-industry partnerships in process, including two that have filed $1.8 million in joint grant applications

Top Innovators

Students Braeden Ayres and Trevor Lovell were named Student Innovators of the Year for a music education app they designed to effectively teach rhythm concepts and skills. The project won UNC's first-ever Spark Competition to encourage music innovations.

Associate Professor Susan Keenan and her research colleagues were granted a patent for a potential treatment for flavivirus, a genus of viruses that include West Nile, dengue, tick-borne encephalitis, yellow fever and Zika.

  • 1 patent granted and 3 patent applications in process here at UNC
  • UNC has had 21 copyright matters supported and has 7 applications in process

Top Innovators


Answering The Call

Assistant Professors Sue Ellen DeChenne-Peters and Ginger Fisher received a $255,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for a project that addresses a U.S. presidential call to increase the number of scientists and engineers. They will conduct a three-year study that will determine whether a research-based class at UNC boosts retention in science.

  • UNC has 20 specialized centers and institutes that offer research and community support, like the Tointon Institute for Educational Change, the Math and Science Teaching Institute (MAST), the UNC Cancer Rehabilitation Institute and others.

Inventing Business

A team of students in Monfort College of Business won first place in the 2016 Peak Awards, a marketing competition sponsored by the Colorado American Marketing Association. Competing against student teams from throughout Colorado, the UNC student team of James Churchill, Rylie Cook, Ryker Nelson and Alex Nuttall took top honors in the Scholar Level. Student teams were assigned to "invent" a new-to-world consumer product then develop a marketing plan for it. The UNC team developed a plan for Sonic measure, a digital device used to measure the three dimensions of a room for interior design and furniture placement.

  • Consulting assistance provided to 7 UNC-Greeley startup companies

Inventing Business

Special Education Research

Education Research in Action

Associate Professor Robin Brewer is conducting separate studies on the impact of flipped learning on Special Education majors and an assessment of students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in a UNC program she oversees.

  • $17.5 Million in external funding has been generated by UNC research and sponsored programs in the last three years, covering a range of topics that address serious issues in society.

Partnering For The Community

Professor Karen Barton, a Fulbright Scholar, connects students with rural Colorado communities, often addressing issues concerning food availability, land use and poverty, and helps build understanding between often polarized groups – from farmers to oil producers.

Professor Scott Franklin and his students look at the effects of natural and manmade disturbances – from wildfires to fracking – on ecosystems from the Rocky Mountains to Colorado’s eastern plains.

  • 200 Research in the Public Interest organizations have provided funds and/or built collaborative partnerships with UNC.


Being a Bear


Scholarships for Bears

Our number one priority is student scholarships, to ensure that every student at UNC has an opportunity at success. Equal access coupled with one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, the result is a transformative educational experience that produces graduates highly qualified for work in industry, or for continuing studies in graduate school or post-graduate schools.

  • 80% of UNC students are employed or in graduate school one year after graduation

Scholarships for Bears

Many would not be at UNC without scholarship support. More than 70 percent of our students receive financial assistance. For most students, it takes a combination of grants, scholarships, work-study and loans to get through school.

  • UNC students received over $130 million in total financial aid last year, $30 million of which was in scholarships


The UNC Student Experience

The UNC Student Experience

A UNC education isn’t just about classes, grades and exams – it’s about the experiences students can have along the way. Students are encouraged to expand their knowledge, collaborate with faculty and engage in the local community and around the world. UNC focuses on five areas of engaged learning: research and creative work, civic engagement, global experiences, and leadership and professional experience.

  • Over half of UNC faculty incorporate service-learning or community-based research into their courses and scholarship.

Designed to Succeed

Sophomore Henry Rodriguez excelled in his Las Vegas high school theatre design program, but, as much as he would have loved to attend college, he decided early on that it wasn’t something he could not afford. After encouragement from staff of the UNC Theatre Design and Technology program, Henry achieved the impossible dream of attending UNC. However, after arriving he still struggled to qualify for student loans. Fortunately, the financial aid and scholarships he received were just enough so he could get by. He also took a job in the carpentry shop. Henry’s excited to be able to show off his best work at UNC.

  • 65% of UNC students receive some type of financial assistance
  • 60% of UNC students work off campus, compared to the national average of 35%

Henry Rodriguez

UNC Day of Music

Bears in Greeley

One day of music: imagined by students, created by students, performed by students. UNC Music Students organized the first UNC Day of Music, which consisted of more than 80 musical performances staged throughout the community of Greeley in one day. Performances ranged from an a capella flash mob, to the best of Nintendo by a flute quartet, to a parade of Brazilian drums. Stretching their musical talent and entrepreneurial muscle, students were responsible for their own booking, coordination and performance. Their only requirement? To dream big, create professional partnerships and do what they love – play music and share their art with the community.

  • UNC is one of only three Colorado universities to earn Community Engagement status from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Leading Bears

UNC outstanding student-athletes, softball's Emily Holtz and wrestling's Dylan Gabel, received the 2016 Bear Leadership Award. They were honored as the winners for all their contributions to not only their teams, but to the department and the community as well.

  • Over 400,000+ hours of community service is committed each year by students pursuing degrees in teaching, business, healthcare, psychology and more.

 Leading Bears

 Bears Study Abroad

Bears Study Abroad

Senior Jacqueline Zurmuhlen, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Studies, spent 13 weeks this summer in Iceland as an intern at an eco-friendly Hosteling International hostel in the capital of Reykjavik. She also participated in the sustainability in recreational tourism program that Hosteling International provides as part of its commitment to being an eco-friendly facility, which allowed her to do hands-on research for her Honors program thesis on sustainability.

  • Students have access to over 600 study abroad programs in more than 70 countries through the Center for International Education

Bears Beat the Odds

Freshman Marlen Ramirez, a Criminal Justice major, was one of 140 college students from around the U.S. invited to attend the Reach Higher "Beating the Odds" Summit, hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama last summer at the White House.

Many of the students, who overcame significant odds to go to college, were first-generation students. The summit celebrated the students' accomplishments, and provided them with tips and resources to better prepare them for when they stepped on campus in the fall. Marlen was chosen to attend because of her GPA in high school and her parents' inability to financially support her college education goals. Marlen also received scholarships to attend UNC.

  • 34% of UNC students are first-generation students

Marlen Ramirez

 Campus Commons

The new Campus Commons will be a singular gateway to the heart of UNC – your point of welcome, connection and synergy with students, alumni and community members. Built to ensure student success, the Commons will provide a one-stop, interconnected student support center. It will host thousands of prospective students and their families to campus each year. And it will house a standing ovation-worthy performance hall and art gallery.

One-Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Campus Commons will be the new student support hub; a one-stop, single place where students will be able to go to get their questions answered, to talk about financial aid, scholarships, transcripts, career services, counseling, involvement opportunities and much, much more. Currently, UNC student services are scattered around a growing campus; students are, in effect, obliged to self-diagnose their own issues concerning, for example, financial aid, career development and academic advising, and just like a frustrated medical patient, they might get a handful of referrals to different specialists and be ping-ponged around campus to get the service they need. Creating this student support hub will place UNC at the forefront of student services, and will also improve student success and increase retention through graduation. The business of being a UNC student will be vastly simplified, freeing students to focus on their schoolwork and outside obligations.

  • Research shows the one-stop can increase UNC persistence and graduation rates by at least 2%. This would mean 188 more undergraduate students coming back each fall to make progress toward graduation.

UNC Arts Comes Home

UNC’s College of Performing and Visual Arts is one of the pillars of the university. Our arts programs are well-known and respected nationwide, providing pride and notoriety for our university, faculty, students and alumni. Our programs are consistently recognized with national awards including being named:

  • A Top 5 Jazz program in the country by Downbeat Magazine
  • The #1 Bachelor of Arts in Music programs in the USA and numerous other awards for university bands and orchestras

Campus Commons Performance Hall

The College is clearly top flight – but you wouldn’t guess it if you toured its facilities. People are often surprised to learn that there is not a single performance or rehearsal space on campus that was specifically designed for that purpose. In fact, practice and rehearse in an old gym, a remodeled movie theater and hallways at the present time. Now, for the first time on campus, we will have facilities that properly complement the strengths of our Art, Music and Theatre programs. The Commons demonstrates the campus’s continued commitment to the excellence of our arts programs and will transform how the arts are viewed and cherished on campus and within the community. Most importantly, it will also be a place for experiential learning for students.

A Commons Impact

Campus Commons Inside

The impact of Campus Commons will be evident across the university. Student retention and persistence-to-graduation rates will increase significantly. The business of being a UNC student will be vastly simplified, thus freeing students to focus on academics and out-of-class obligations. Performing and visual arts faculty and students will be a central artistic home on campus, and more broadly will be featured “front and center.” Alumni and community visitors will have a touchstone and an entry point located in an easily accessed facility at the heart of campus.

  • The Campus Commons will be the intersection of many interests, all of which vital to the university. It will be an integrated student support hub; a gateway for campus visitors; and a modern space for our world-class arts programs.
  • The Commons will welcome thousands of guests each year – whether they are arts patrons, prospective students, alumni, community members, or tourists on the way to Estes Park.

Through interaction and connection, the Commons will share with everyone the story of UNC’s students, faculty, history and purpose.

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