Bear in Mind Podcast

Associate Professor & Coordinator of Gender Studies, Christine Talbot

Did you know that UNC has the oldest gender studies program in Colorado? Since 1974, students from all walks of life have studied here to learn more about the development and culture of gender, sexuality and inequality both past and present. One point of discussion is the concept of a school dress code and its relation to body shaming. On this episode of Bear in Mind, we talk with Dr. Christine Talbot, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Gender Studies, to explore more about the ideas of a dress code and what the means to masculinity, femininity and more. [READ FULL POST]

David Grapes

Like to act? Dance? Sing? As Little Theatre of the Rockies kicks off its dazzling 83rd summer season, director David Grapes (also the director of UNC's School of Theatre Arts and Dance) talks about the training and experience undergraduates earn at UNC. If you're a high school student and performer, tune in — he has some advice for you! [READ FULL POST]

Kamie Ethridge

Interested in being a coach? UNC head women’s basketball coach Kamie Ethridge talks about what it takes (UNC has both undergraduate and graduate programs in Sports Coaching), how her team pursues excellence on the court and in the classroom, and what the upcoming season looks like for the UNC Bears. [READ FULL POST]

Steven Anderson

In the latest episode of the Bear in Mind podcast, student Matthew Cowher talks with UNC Professor Steven Anderson about so-called “cold blooded” volcanos, his work “reading” lava flows, and more. [READ FULL POST]