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Pocket Guide

Here is a pdf file of the BCCE 2016 Pocket Guide.
It contains the paper, poster and workshop schedule as of June 15th.

With your registration packet, you will receive a hard copy of the Pocket Guide as well as a hand-out of changes made to the program since June 15th.


Pocket Guide


Important Information for Presentations

BCCE 2016 Abstract Submission Information and Presentation Guidelines
BCCE 2016 Poster Guidelines

Important Information for Workshop Leaders

BCCE 2016 Workshop Calendar
BCCE 2016 Rules and Guidelines for Workshop Leaders
BCCE 2016 Safety Agreement for Chemical Workshops
BCCE 2016 Procedures and Information for Workshop Presenters

Important Information Regarding Symposium

BCCE 2016 Symposium and Abstracts Calendar
BCCE 2016 Duties of the Presider of a Symposium