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Hotel reservations at conference group rates ($139 to #159 per night) are available by clicking the hotel reservation button above. Hotels participating are the Holiday Inn Express, The Candlewood Suites, Country Inn & Suites, Fairfield Inn and Hampton Inn. A shuttle from all hotels will be provided. The hotels are located aproximately 4.5 miles from the UNC Campus and is about a 11 minute ride.

On-Campus Housing:

(Available Friday, July 29 through Thursday, August 5)
Breakfast is include with each night stay
All suites will be assigned with only one person per bedroom, two or three bedrooms per bathroom or two bathrooms in a 5 bedroom suite. These suites may be reserved in one or two ways:

1. A group registration which requires you to give the names of all roommates and one form of payment for the unit.

2. An individual registration where you will be assigned a same gender roommate(s), and payment is required for ONLY your portion of the room. (Roommate(s) will be assigned by UNC).

Suite Type

Nightly Rate per Bedroom (breakfast included)

Two bedroom suite for 2 people


Three bedroom suite for 3 people


Five bedroom suite for 5 people


Single studio for 1 person (limited availability)


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SHARE a five bedroom suite



North HallNorth-evening exterior


The main floor of the North building includes two secured entrances; a 24 hour staffed reception desk, two main lounges, game room, music practice room, kitchen, vending and conference rooms with multimedia equipment.

From the lobby, two separate wings house a cluster of 25-40 students; each wing has its own floor lounge, kitchen, laundry room, vending & recycling alcove, and study lounge.

Building Floor Plan

North DD

4 Person Suite

Four-person suites offer single and double bedroom options, a common shared living room, 9' high-steeped ceilings, a common bathroom with separate shower and toilet rooms and individual closets. Study areas are located throughout the complex and are available for individual or group study.

Double Room Layout


Operable windows and natural light are available to all
bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, lounges and study areas.

Outdoor patios are adjacent to main floor lounges with
spaces providing a wide range of accommodations for
small and large groups and indoor & outdoor meetings,
social/educational events and recreation.

Single rooms with private bathrooms are available.
Single Room Layout

South Hall

South Lobby & Game Room The game room, music practice room, and lounge spaces make South Hall a unique place to live and socialize. We especially enjoy the ability to cook in one of our many community kitchens and hang in our lounge.

Building Floor Plan


Turner Hall

Turner Lobby 360 View

Turner Hall is a 13 story facility with330 beds. Turner Hall was renovated to provide guests single bedrooms within suites. Each guest has an individual bedroom with a bed, wardrobe, and desk. Guests share a living room, vanity, and bathroom with the rest of the suite. Depending on the suite selected, student living rooms will consist of a couch, oversized chair, TV stand, and coffee table.


Each floor consists of six 2-person suites, two 5-person suites, and one 3-person suite. Additionally, floors 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, & 13 will each have two stand-alone singles. Laundry facilities will be present on floors 3, 6, 9, & 12. Students will also be able to enjoy lounge spaces by the elevators. These lounges include a large flat screen TV and comfortable sofas and chairs. 

Floor plan for floors 2,4,5,7,8,10,11, & 13
Floor plan for floors 3,6,9, & 12