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Assessment at the University of Northern Colorado

The Office of Assessment promotes program quality and student learning by providing leadership, support, and training on effective assessment practices. We aim to be a dynamic and supportive partner to members of the University community and a national model for effective practice by encouraging:

  • Excellence in assessment and evaluation;
  • Collaboration with University personnel and programs;
  • Continuous adaptation and improvement;
  • Value-added support and training; and
  • Ethical practice.

Working collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administrators, we will:

  1. Facilitate program review and accreditation;
  2. Provide technical support in the development and implementation of assessment activities;
  3. Prepare and disseminate internal and external reports of assessment findings;
  4. Enhance faculty and staff knowledge and proficiency in the use of effective assessment;
  5. Plan, implement, and evaluate institution-wide assessments of student needs and outcomes and other institutional priorities;
  6. Support and/or conduct special research projects related to student, program, and institutional assessment;
  7. Promote a community of assessment scholarship through presentations and publications; and
  8. Recognize and celebrate innovative and successful assessment practices.

Call for Applications and Proposals

The Office of Assessment invites applications for the 2014-2015 Assessment Leadership Institute.  Next year will be the final year of the program, so the time to apply is now!  Complete details are available here: ALI Call for Applications.

Staff and faculty are also invited to submit proposals for 2014-2015 Assessment Mini-Grants.  A total of $15,000 will again be available for FY 2015. With ten or more grants of up to $1500 awarded.  More information is available here: Assessment Mini-Grant Call for Proposals.